Women Feel Better When We’re Dancing

Women Feel Better When We’re Dancing

It’s Day 230 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and yesterday reinforced how women feel better when we’re dancing. As I mentioned in Saturday’s post (I didn’t hit publish until after midnight so it showed up on Sunday), I took a nasty tumble getting into the shower that morning as I prepared to present at the High Heeled Success and Pink Collar Savvy & Chic women’s workshop on networking. After falling my first concern was about how it would impact my performance at the event; my second was It’s going to hurt more tomorrow, so how will I teach Zumba? Thankfully, pain meds and prayer got me through Saturday, but Sunday morning I woke up so sore and stiff, I thought I’d have to do low intensity to get through class. What I didn’t bank on was having about twenty high energy women show up ready to go full throttle. I shared my mishap and then showed them my proof copy of Seasons of Her Soul. Their combined empathy, enthusiasm and excitement throughout made me feel as if I had wings! I was able to lead the class pain free. Women really do feel better when we’re dancing!

Lovely Zumba-loving Ladies. A few left before we could grab a pic –  the energy is still evident! Me, Pink Collar Coach, front center in black, gray and white Calvin Klein performance wear.

Lest you wonder why I’m using the collective term “women”, I’m not the only one who expressed feeling better. There are at least two women in attendance recovering from surgeries, but they attend because a modified dance session is better than none. One Sunday class lover returned because I reinstated the class after a few years without it. The first two classes she was miserable, but this week she was back in her full-on dance zone. Another let me know life has settled down in all other areas so she can now resume dancing, which she’s missed. A young college student, a true Dancing Queen, has expressed interest in becoming a certified instructor. And a Zumba frequent flier who attends classes throughout the week, confessed she gets so into it she has to make herself not sing along so she won’t disturb other dancers. Having one of my mentors attend class and lead a routine and express that I’m doing a great job was so cool and encouraging. An Indiana transplant who just moved here for her husband’s job is finding her tribe with Zumba and I believe will become a friend of mine – she’s another Tammy (with a “y”). And I had the joy of watching at least three newcomers fall in love with Zumba right before my eyes. A beautiful thing to behold. Once the bug bites you, you’re a goner – in the best way!

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Zumba instructor, I’m humbled by the way my classes have been received and feel so blessed to be able to serve women in this way. It’s not just dancing, it’s ministry for me…Case in point, I received a text message following yesterday’s class from a woman I hadn’t seen in Zumba in a long time. Knowing that she’s been dealing with some major Ds (challenges), I’d been concerned about her. She told me she ran into one of the other instructors who let her know about my class. She thought it was wonderful and plans to attend each week. She’s also going to read my book and do some life coaching with me as she continues to pursue her best personal and professional life. All because women really do feel better when we’re dancing!

Oh, and doing my first book signing EVER for a someone who brought her copy wasn’t too shoddy either!  ; )

How about you? What makes you feel better? Are you like the women in my class who fight through the Ds to do it? How can you incorporate more of what makes you feel better into your personal and professional life?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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One thought on “Women Feel Better When We’re Dancing

  1. Thanks so much to everyone who liked the post! As a relatively new blogger, I’m delighted to have hit my highest number of likes yet. A dozen may not seem like a high number, but when you’re just starting out, those little milestones mean a lot. And the fact that the post was about women doing good things for ourselves and each other makes getting the likes more special. So happy to be part of the blogging community. I plan to visit as many of your sites as possible to keep the positive support going ’round. Happy blogging!


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