Find Your Fit in 2018! (My First Official Zumba Class as a Licensed Instructor)

Find Your Fit in 2018! (My First Official Zumba Class as a Licensed Instructor)

It’s Day 226 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and having an amazing experience teaching my first official class as a licensed Zumba instructor reinforced how important it is to find your fit in 2018! I’m scheduled to teach Fridays and Sundays and was supposed to start at the end of October, but a diverticulitis diagnosis and nearly two months of misery prevented me from doing so. Then, due to the holidays, the start date was postponed to this Friday. Chomping at the bit to get going, you can imagine my disappointment when the frigid temps caused my class to be cancelled again. All the waiting was worth it though, because this afternoon, a small but brave band of Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Zumba loving ladies didn’t let bitter cold, child care hour restrictions (one had to leave early to pick up before close), or even a boot hold them back from Zumba fitness with a little faith based music sprinkled in. We were small in size and mighty in support of one another. The fun and fellowship we had made it clear we’ve found our fit and made me want to encourage you to find yours in 2018, too.

Me, Pink Collar Coach, in Calvin Klein pink, white & gray athletic wear with my original New Balance dancing/gym shoes. I didn’t own any when a friend invited me to Zumba in 2012!             All from TJ Maxx.                                                                                                                                           Lovely Zumba loving ladies (minus one) made my first time out the gate a winner!

If you’ve been in a retail store this week, you probably noticed Christmas has been relegated to Clearance and athletic wear has surged to the front of the displays. Merchandisers take full advantage of the New Year’s resolutions so many people make about getting fit this year. And regular gym attenders often lament how there’s barely a parking space to be had between now and February/early March because everyone who resolved this would be their year comes out in droves for a few months but are seldom seen after that – when it’s warmer and no big deal to walk a country mile to park!

All that to say, I’m not talking about a resolution here. I’m talking about a lifestyle. Take it from one who  hadn’t worked out much since my daughter’s birth in 2003 – when I started doing Zumba in 2012, I had to sit or even lay down and take huge puffs on my inhaler between every song. But I LOVED it. I went from going on Saturdays to four to six times a week depending on what was available. I’d found my fit. What does that feel like? you ask. I’d say it feels like you’re not even working out, but that’s not it exactly. It’s more like being ready to pass out from being overheated with your lungs, arms, and legs all burning, but what a lovely way to burn! The positive release of endorphins is amazing! If you’re familiar with Strengths – there’s a sense of timelessness when you’re doing what you love and were created to do. Like when you’re in the zone. Like it isn’t just a workout, but a way of life.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Zumba Lover, I feel like I’m in my Zumba Zone when I’m dancing and hope all of you can find that exercise routine that puts you in yours. Be it biking, Bootcamp, elliptical, Insanity, pier barre, running, speed walking, swimming, treadmill, Zumba or any of the other myriad ways you can get healthy and well. Because contrary to what the retailers would have you believe, getting in shape is  about so much more than just losing weight. It’s about getting your heart, mind, body, and spirit in shape too. The workout is just the beginning of that journey to holistic health and wellness.

Think about what you love and are naturally drawn to. Even if it’s been years since you did it, go for it. It might very well be that this is your year and you’ll find your fit in 2018!

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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