Debut Novel Releases January 2018 and A Doe-Eyed Girl Named Dani (Be a Test Reader/Reviewer and Meet Her Now!)

Debut Novel Releases January 2018 and A Doe-Eyed Girl Named Dani (Be a Test Reader/Reviewer and Meet Her Now!)

Much of Day 211 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project was spent at my desk/dining room table working on to dos for my debut novel, and since I have a female reindeer who reminds me of Rudolf’s love sitting there, she put me in mind of a doe-eyed girl named Dani in my book. She’s a best friend of the heroine, Lee. She may be doe-eyed and innocent in the best way, but she’s far from naive. In fact she’s one of those peculiar young women whose looks are rivaled only by her sweet nature and her smarts. Dani also has the qualities most of us want in a BFF. She’s no fair-weather friend and sticks with Lee through the thick of her domestic violence journey. Daniella exemplifies what I refer to in coaching as backbone and heart, meaning she brings out the best in Lee and gently nudges her by speaking the truth in love when Lee would settle for less. If she wasn’t fictitious, haters would definitely hate her. But she’s just flawed enough that it’s impossible to. I love this supporting character. Hopefully you will too when you read my debut novel and meet this doe-eyed girl named Dani.

This doe-eyed reindeer reminds me of Clarice from Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and of one a favorite character, Dani, from my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose writer, I can’t express how excited I am that my lifelong dream of being a published author is about to come true. In some ways, I remind myself of a doe-eyed girl when I consider how naive I was when I set out to write a novel. At the time I thought I’d write during the summers while I was off from teaching and finish it in a few years. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know about writing or publishing…After all of the revising, rewriting and editing that original novel no longer exists. Dani, however has lived on from one version to this final one. I’m incredibly proud of it and shine a special spotlight on Dani in the final chapter. She’s a doe-eyed girl named Dani but she’s also an original Pink Collar Savvy & Chic swan.

If you’d like to meet Dani before Seasons of Her Soul releases and are willing to serve as a beta (test) reader and to write a short review that will show up on Amazon the day of the release (January 20, 2018), please email me at with “Seasons of Her Soul Beta Reader” in the subject line and I will send you a PDF. If you’ve already agreed to be a reader, your copy is coming soon. Thank you!

Be  savvy & chic,

~~Pink Collar Coach


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