It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like A Savvy & Chic Christmas Series – Library

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like A Savvy & Chic Christmas Series – Library

Day 105 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project was spent ticking off my list of professional and priority tasks before getting around to making it begin to look a lot like a Savvy & Chic Christmas in the library. Regular readers may recall that this underutilized space was merely a landing a few months ago until I maximized it and made it a full-fledged library. What fun I had decking this hall! And I love passing through it on the way to and from our master bedroom or my children’s. With all of it’s sentimental bits, only a few strategically placed holiday decor pieces and $0 were needed to make my new library look a lot like a Savvy & Chic Christmas.

The landing to library transformation began with my hubby’s gift of these shelves for his bookworm wife now topped with my collection of Christmas houses from Cracker Barrel.

My father was my best friend. I lost him in 2001. I inherited my love of design (he was an architectural engineer) and other people’s castaways from him. A chair he rescued for me from one of his rental properties is imperfect, which speaks to the life it’s lived and his love for me. I’ll keep it always. It has a palace of honor in the library, so showing this spot some love is a way to have my daddy with me for Christmas. He adored dogs and tolerated my cats, so he’d probably get a kick out the fact that the kitty litter lives next to the chair! Bookshelves from my childhood are another sentimenatl nod. They conjure up fond memories of my mother. I inherited my love of reading from her.

This sentimental chair is topped with a Simply Shabby Chic round pillow that my cat, Peppa Loveday has claimed for a napping spot. Appropriate since the chair is housed on the catwalk section of the landing that overlooks the living room. The rug is Simply Shabby Chic as well. The vintage look Pink Santa is a Hobby Lobby find from years ago. I got him for half off.
This green bookshelf has been with me for most of my life and lived on the landing in the house I grew up in. Now it’s come full circle. I painted it this sage-y Shabby Chic green about twenty years ago. It houses books and DVD collection. The pink basket and wicker lamp are flea market finds.  This Santas twin is in my daughter’s room. They too, were half off at Hobby Lobby, so I got both for under $20. His yellow package and red presents pick up the colors in the artwork.
This newer shadowbox houses a vintage napkin. Both are quintessentially Shabby Chic. The chest with a damask cushion is one of my few Simply Shabby Chic furniture pieces. Before my children were old enough to pick out their own clothes, I laid theirs out for school here every night. The wear and tear speaks to its usefulness.                                                                                      The soft green vintage look ornament reminds me of Shiny Brights. Nostalgic.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose decorating enthusiast, decorating is even more special for me this year because I’m documenting it. It’s yet another way blogging has enhanced my life. Climbing into my attic to retrieve much of my decor is no picnic (I couldn’t wait til this weekend for my hubby to do it) but is so worth the effort because it gives me blogging material. And it was like Christmas morning finding all of my stuff this afternoon! Sharing my finds and styling them to share with you is the icing on the cake. Having to clean in order to style and take pictures is another benefit…

I hope this series  inspires you to Savvy Chic some of your spaces at home and the office – with whatever it is you love and that speaks to you. After all, if you look around, it appears the days of Christmas being strictly red and green are behind us. So infuse your dwelling and workspace with your sentimental stuff and your style. When you do, like it did with my library, I believe they’ll begin to look a lot like a Savvy & Chic Christmas too.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

3 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like A Savvy & Chic Christmas Series – Library

  1. Thank you, Little Fears, for liking the post. Sometimes I get a little discouraged and wonder if anyone is reading or appreciates my posts, so you encouraged me. I appreciate it and hope you’re doing well.


  2. Hi, Carla. I appreciate you liking the post. As you know, we pour our hearts into our blogs and getting an occasional “Like” is an encouragement that someone is reading and enjoys. Hope you are doing well. Thank you!


  3. Hello Daily DIY Hacks! I’ve been meaning to reply to some of your likes. I’m so happy you enjoy my posts. It seems you are a girl after my own heart with your love of decor. Looking forward to connecting more! : )


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