Zumba Love Is Why I’m Now Heartsaver CPR and AED Certified

Zumba Love Is Why I’m Now Heartsaver CPR and AED Certified

It’s Day 203 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and my intense Zumba love is why I spent the early part of the day at my local fire department getting certified in Heartsaver CPR and AED. Though I’m a former teacher and child care center director and was required to have First Aid and CPR training in those roles, AED (automated external defibrillator) is new to me. The course has been revised to reflect advances in technology as well as the demographics and needs of the individuals served. To say times have changed in the last six years since I last attended a full course is a huge understatement! I’m so thankful becoming a certified Zumba instructor presented this professional development opportunity. Especially since I can use it in my personal life too. Because of it, I feel much more confident about my ability to help save a life during a Zumba class, or outside one, now that I’m Heartsaver CPR and AED certified. img_0617.jpg The training I attended is through the American Heart Association, which is commited to everyone being healthy in heart and mind. Their answer for why they do what they do: Life is Why. When I got home, bookish as I am, I studied the Student Workbook provided by the AHA more in-depthly. At the front of it, course participants are encouraged to discover our Why. The questions to ask ourselves are: What are the moments, people and experiences I live for? What brings me joy, wonder, and happiness? Why am I partnering with AHA to help save lives? Why is cardiovascular care important to me? On the most basic level, all of my answers have to do with Zumba, since that was the primary reason I got certified. But on a deeper level, I’m a Life Coach who believes strongly in a holistic coaching approach. As such, I’m committed to the health and wellness of every woman in my world. So, in a sense, you’re my Why.

After discovering our Why, there’s an offer to participate in the AHA’s mission and Life Is Why campaign. I accepted the offer and completed the above activity by filling in the blank with what describes my Why. The next step is sharing my “Zumba Love Is Why” with the people I love and to ask them to discover their Why. That means you!

Me, Pink Collar Coach with Firefighter Ryan, our Heartsaver CPR and AED Instructor. The artwork is a drawing by talented Lakota East High School students.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Coach I love Zumba so much because I love life and know how much excercise can contribute to a long, healthy, happy one.  I hope that in sharing, I’ve encouraged you to think about experiencing more of life’s precious moments. Through dancing. Through taking better care of your heart and your health. Perhaps by considering your Why and then demonstrating it by sharing this post. Maybe you’ll get certified and join the Chain of Survival. In our world where heart disease, poor diet and excercise, drug abuse and other illnessess run rampant, you never know, we might just save a life…This morning I thought I was just a Zumba loving instructor getting my Heartsaver CPR and AED certification. Discovering my Why and sharing with you means I got so much more than I bargained for.

What’s your Why? What Savvy & Chic on Purpose action steps will you take because of it? How could getting certified help you in your personal life? Professionally?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach



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