Fashion, A Feast, And A Family Friendly Film That Left Me Feeling Full of “Wonder”

Fashion, A Feast, And A Family Friendly Film That Left Me Feeling Full of “Wonder”

It’s Day 193 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and it’s Thanksgiving Day. For a woman who’s been too sick to leave the house this week, it was packed with fashion, a feast, and a family friendly film that left me feeling full of wonder. While my immediate blended family celebrated early Thanksgiving last Sunday, today was spent with my husband’s family. I slept until eleven AM to have enough stamina to make it through the day and boy did I need the rest to make it through all the festivities!

For a lady who loves an excuse to dress up, it was so much fun donning festive holiday attire to wear to our niece’s gorgeous home which was decorated beautifully for the occassion. My sisters-in-law are all great cooks, and one of our nieces’s makes a mean mac and cheese (I try to avoid lots of dairy and didn’t indulge in that). Since I’ve been out of commission, my hubby and I provided drinks and store bought desserts – but there were no complaints! With my stepsons and children with their other parent, for once we all fit around the table and enjoyed a fabulous feast catching up with family.

Me, Pink Collar Coach in Calvin Klein faux leather sheath dress and jacket. The rich eggplant color and green put a fresh spin on fall colors. Calvin Klein handbag and booties.
Sheath sans jacket. Have added some layers to my hair in the front. Getting used to the look.      As much as I take pictures for the blog, I tend to hide my post-hysterectomy body behind hair… So this is a stretch.

Because our niece and nephew have young children and he still had to make it to his family’s gathering (mom stayed in with the infant and toddler), the evening ended fairly early. Having been sick and shut in for so long, I wasn’t quite ready to call it a night. Reluctantly, my hubby agreed to go see the movie “Wonder” with me. I won’t do a review here since I covered “The Star” last night, but I will say my often reticent husband had plenty to say about this film which is based on a popular children’s novel. Though I could discuss any number of emotions the film evoked for me, wonder seems the most fitting today.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose mom who gave birth to my children never expecting we wouldn’t spend every holiday together, I’m in wonder that Lord is gracious and merciful enough toward me that I can still enjoy the children in my life and be thankful for them today. As a divorced wife of an abusive wasband, I’m in wonder that God answered my prayer for a godly husband in the form of my best friend, for whom I am eternally grateful. As a child whose earthly father was taken far too young and whose  family is so dysfunctional that I don’t have much to do with them, I’m in wonder that God has adopted me into His family and calls me His precious daughter. Considering all of this, it’s no wonder that I’m full of wonder this Thanksgiving.

What about you? What has you full of wonder this Thanksgiving?

Be savvy & chic,

  ~Pink collar Coach



4 thoughts on “Fashion, A Feast, And A Family Friendly Film That Left Me Feeling Full of “Wonder”

  1. Hello, Beauty Beyond Bones! Thank you so much for liking the post. I read one of yours on bloating during recovery, and while I’ve never had an eating disorder, I can relate because I’m dealing with weight gain and body changes due to a hysterectomy. You are so brave to share your recovery journey and I love that you incorporate faith. With God all things are possible! Recovery and acceptance of our new normals/bodies included. Keep up the encouraging blogging – it is so needed! Blessings!


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