The Laundry Room – Sorting Out The House One Space At A Time – Part 1

The Laundry Room – Sorting Out The House One Space At A Time – Part 1

It’s Day 187 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and after I worked up until closing time at 5PM, I spent the rest of the evening working on the laundry room as a part of my effort to sort out the house one space at a time. It all started with two Edison bulbs that I installed in the totally utilitarian room a few months ago. Prior to that, I’d given the space little thought in the seven years I’ve lived in the house my husband owned and lived in with my stepsons before our marriage. Now that the oldest is twenty-five as of yesterday and owns his own home, the middle is twenty-two with an apartment, and the twenty-year-old baby is already a manager at a retail store, I’ve started savvy chic-ing the space. When my husband caught on to what I was doing, he requested at least three times that I not “fru fru” it up too much because they still had to do serious work in there! As if cleaning out extraneous junk that hasn’t been used in a decade, hanging a few things on the framing (as you can see there’s no drywall) and throwing down a rug alters the room’s usefulness. Ha!


On a Goodwill jaunt with my friend Kibby this summer, I purchased a set of silver framed French botanical prints and hung them in the laundry room. Then their silver patina led me to hang a Shabby Chic-inspired bohemian wall hanging that is actually a table runner. After that, the room sat untouched until recently when I discovered two floral arrangements housed in galvanized metal wall pockets. I’d mentioned losing  a floral wall pocket when I was made homeless in a previous post, so I was thrilled to come across these. I hung one in the laundry room (since I have exposed metal ductwork I figured I’d run with it) and the other elsewhere in the house. A while later, I decided to use my Shabby Chic inspired silver foil baskets to tote laundry and coral supplies on top of the washing machine. This evening, I heeded my instinct to usually group like items together for greater impact and moved the second wall pocket to join its partner. And that’s when the magic began to happen. With the addition of a small “Live, Laugh, Love” piece of artwork with gray lettering and a flower, a large silver key (always symbolizes freedom and balance for me), and a bohemian inspired rug that mimics the concrete floor tiles I’d love to install in my kitchen, the laundry room is coming together quite nicely.

The architectural salvage is actually three broken pieces that I got for pennies at Goodwill. They tucked right into this load bearing beam as if they were meant to live there.                   And you’d never guess they were broken.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Cygnet who believes all spaces, even utilitarian ones can be funtional, comfortable and beautiful, I’m having a blast taking something that is quirky and making it a space I will actually want to be in. And while my husband is grumbling a bit, I believe he’ll be happy in it in the long run.  Can’t wait to post how I finish out the space! I hope by sharing what I’m doing in my laundry room as part of my effort to sort out the house inspires you to sort out some of your home or office utilitarian spaces. Since we have to do loads of work, laundry and otherwise, we might as well decorate with loads of style!

What utilitarian room or space could you sort out? How can you make it more functional, comfortable and beautiful?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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