Being Well – A Benign Biopsy

Being Well – A Benign Biopsy

It’s few minutes past Day 183 of The Pink Collar Savvy and Chic on Purpose Project but I couldn’t let it pass completely without giving thanks for being well. My biopsy was benign! It was done Tuesday and I got the results today. I’m just posting (on my phone) because after being so sick this past month that it scared both of us, my sweet hubby took me out to celebrate. I chose BibiBop without realizing this message is prevalent throughout the restaurant. A picture beneath it was fitting considering my being well.


As a Pink Collar Savvy and Chic on Purpose Chick who believes what you look for you will find, I’m so thankful God shows me literal signs that He’s writing my story. Tonight I just didn’t know they’d come in the form of a restaurant seeming to rejoice in my benign biopsy and well being!

What about you? Have you ever seen a written message that seemed to apply to your situation?  Do you believe it could have been God expressing and displaying His love and care for you?

Be savvy and chic,

– Pink Collar Coach





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