Officially Back to Work in An Optimal Office & Optimistic

Officially Back to Work in An Optimal Office & Optimistic

Day 181 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project was my first officially back in the office and I’m so optimistic! It was wonderful waking up ready to work. But as much as I enjoyed the work, I love the space I did it in. Having spent so much of the last few weeks in bed, I could truly appreciate the office I’ve created for myself in the dining room. Formerly underutilized because we have a large eat-in kitchen with sturdy oversized chairs large enough to hold all of the large men in my big fat blended family, this summer I maximized the space. Now, not only is it functional and comfortable, it’s truly beautiful. The first thing I do each day is read from my devotional book and pray. When I turned to get it this morning, I was struck by the beauty and had to capture it. What a joy to officially be back to work in such an optimal office.


This vignette in my office inspires all things Pink Collar Savvy & Chic work related. Susan Lordi’s Willow Tree Madonna and Child, the cross, and the pink devotional speak to my faith, which informs everything I do professionally and personally, including life coaching. My passion for fashion and image coaching is visible in two of my favorite dress form pieces of artwork. And my heart for home and interior decorating is evident in the Welcome sign, dream, Keep Calm, and floral pieces, which are all quintessentially Shabby Chic. Other than the lamps, which are inspired by Rachel Ashwell and her love of blign and flowers, most of the other items are vintage Simply Shabby Chic from Target circa early 2000. The others, such as a baby shower gift Mikasa vase and carved wooden turkey hold sentimental value. The Sicura Enchante Collection bookends round out the tableu and represent my agency’s logo.

Not having been in the space everyday for a while also gave me fresh perspective. A few weekends ago I had our handyman, Mark, help my husband move the sideboard down a few feet and it freed up valuable space. I’ve owed a Simply Shabby Chic luggage rack for ages but has stood idly folded between the sliver of space between the sideboard and the wall. Now it serves as my laptop stand. Placing it there at the end of my work day is now part of my transition from professional to personal life. Again, everything in this corner of the room serves a purpose and pleases the eye as well. The floral painting, velvet pumpkins, dining chair and Morrocan pouf are Shabby Chic inspired and the rest is vintage Simply Shabby Chic as well. The pouf was relocated from the adjacent living room today and now serves as a low table or foot rest. I love how it mirrors the round shape of the clock, shadow boxes and even the pillow visible through the can back of the chair. This gorgeous ottomoman now makes the office more optimal. IMG_0540

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Cygnet who planned to write about what I accomplished today in my office but instead wrote about the office itself, I’m OK with that. I am a hard worker, but I’m also creative at heart. Art and beautiful things make my heart go pitter patter. Today my office did. Don’t get me wrong, I was super productive. I’m just even more optimistic about being back to work, especially when I get to do it in an optimally functional, comfortable, and beautiful office.

How about you? Are you optimistic about your work? Does your work space inspire you to work optimally? I’d love to help you maximinize your home or work office space.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach





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