Feeling Grateful for First Full Day Out with Family, Food, and Fun

Feeling Grateful for First Full Day Out with Family, Food, and Fun

Day 178 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project is my first full day out and about since I got sick nearly a month ago, so I looked forward to spending it with family, eating good food, and having fun. After reading several articles in the newest edition of Artful Blogging and a chapter of my latest novel last night, I slept relatively well and awakened feeling more like myself than I have for weeks. So much so that I did some juege-ing in the laundry room to make it more inviting (will post pics when I pull it together), then did a little holiday/ gift shopping. By the time I needed to head over to the family birthday party, I still had plenty of energy. And though I ate a bit of pizza, I was cautious and didn’t add my usual peppers or peppercorns. My hubby and I also split a nice salad. It was so fun celebrating my youngest sister-in-law’s birthday, especially since I’ve had very little socialization as of late.

Family, Food and Fun. Pink Collar Coach in the middle.                                                               Calvin Klein peacock trumpet sleeve sweater, jeggings, & brown wedge boots with a peacock handbag. Hubby and his sister were the photographers and are not pictured.

One of the articles in Artful Blogging was about developing an attitude of gratitude. It reminded me of an old saying I used to hear around the church where I grow up, that went something like “You don’t know how good it feels to be well until you’ve been sick.” This isn’t the first time in my life I’ve been really sick, but because of my blog, I’m more mindful of the experience. And I believe I’m more grateful to be feeling better than I may have been in the past.

Not only was I more mindful of that, but I was keenly aware of the season my husband’s niece is in. Like mine, her girl and boy are close in age. I’ve always referred to my daughter and son, who are only nineteen months apart, as my Irish twins. Because of a divorce and changes with parenting time, they aren’t around for many family get-togethers, but I vividly remember the days when I was exhausted and overwhelmed with mothering very young children. This made me intentional asking how mom is doing and offering to lend a hand any time she needs it. My prayer is that this sweet young couple and their children never experience the ravages of divorce. But even if they remain as tightly knit together as they are right now, I hope they can see past the fog of exhaustion and being overwhelmed to hold on to the memories that make up the threads of this precious, fleeting time. The late nights, the chaotic days, and all the mess makes up the beautiful tapestry of their lives.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chic who is dealing with medical challenges, I’m thankful for them because they bring gratitude. And clarity. They also make me want to capture it all in a way that I, my children and my family can look back and remember. Writing about my first full day out and about with family, food, and fun may not sound blog-worthy, but maybe, just maybe, someone will read my words and see the pictures I’ve included and it will encourage or inspire them. Somehow, it may even point someone to God. If that happens, then it’s worthy after all.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach




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