Fall Leaves Change and Nothing Remains the Same

Fall Leaves Change and Nothing Remains the Same

It’s Day 130 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and since my blogging  has been sporadic over the last few weeks, I didn’t  have any recent photos and had to go back and find one reflects the sentiment that fall leaves change and nothing remains the same. Going into the third week of being sick, I have to be honest and admit I’ve felt a bit melancholy. It seems as though time goes by too quickly and people drift in and out of our lives. Still, rather than letting that get me down, I’m trying to keep my focus on what I have, versus what I don’t. Sometimes that means being grateful for the memories, even if that time is past or those people are no longer part of the daily landscape.

If you’ve ever taken the time to observe nature in autumn, you see how the leaves first change color and eventually fall to the ground. When all of them have fallen, the landscape is left looking rather barren. If we believed things would stay that way, we’d be left feeling bleak. Instead, when we realize all of these stages are necessary for new life to emerge in spring,  we can view the season of change from a hopeful perspective.

Spring won’t be comprised of the same leaves or colors, but it will be lovely all the same. Likewise, new memories we make won’t necessarily be made up of the same people, places, or even things. That being the case, a photo that captures a window in time becomes priceless. Children grow up and pull away, friends drift apart, and couples break up. Before they do, we snap a photo in the hope of being able to revisit those people, that place and time. My children and stepchildren always give me a hard time for taking so many pics, but I’ve never regretted that. I’ve only regretted when I let a special moment slip by undocumented.

Carver Farm, Fall 2015 – Treasured Times Gone By. Pink Collar Coach as a cat, stepson and his then girlfriend, my daughter, son, and neighborhood friends. So much change…

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose chick who has never been into scrapbooking, I’m so thankful for my blog. It’s a place to capture my hopes, dreams, plans, feelings and fears. It’s a place to chronicle life’s ups and downs and to hopefully find community with other women in the workplace and on the homefront who are going through life trying to be the best moms, wives, sisters, friends, employees, etc. that we can be.

I hope this post encourages you to grab your camera or phone and to take some pictures this fall. Because it’s not only fall leaves that change. And nothing does remain the same.

Be savvy and chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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