Collaborating and Creating My Selling Style in Coral Calvin Klein

Collaborating and Creating My Selling Style in Coral Calvin Klein

Day 155 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project got off to a slow start. For the past few days I haven’t felt the greatest, so today I slept in until after 9:00. Once up, I was productive, however, and responded to a pleasantly surprising number of likes and comments on whether I should offer Mary Kay products as part of my image coaching. Thank you to everyone who weighed in! Next, I buckled down and located some of the passages in my novel that have been slated for revision. After procrastinating on this task for days, I got so engrossed in it that I had to rush when I realized it was time to get ready for an H7 Evolve meeting. That being the case, I grabbed an easy care shirt dress out of the dryer and rushed out for Coffee and Collaborate and “Create Your Selling Style” wearing coral Calvin Klein.

Coral shirt dress, gold lame cardigan, taupe sling backs and floral bag. All oldies. All Calvin Klein from TJMaxx. My photographer didn’t catch that my dress was gaping. Oops!

Brenda Aveyard, a speaker, trainer, and coach facilitated the meeting, which offered an opportunity to collaborate around a challenge being faced in our business. The other women in the group listened and suggested action steps, as well as providing some resources to complete them. Multiple perspectives were helpful in gaining clarity around goals for my coaching business and it felt great to support other likeminded entrepreneurs.

Following Coffee and Collaborate, Brenda presented a short workshop on “Creating Your Selling Style”. During the introduction, as she told the story of how she came to be a Sales Coach, I was thrilled to hear that she is a former top Sales Director for Mary Kay! That felt like confirmation. Then she went on to explain how she doesn’t coach on anything she hasn’t lived through, and I knew I was in the right place. For the last few weeks, ever since I started reading Christy Wright’s Business Boutique, I’ve been honing in on my target audience/market. Brenda called it my avatar client. Recently I realized it’s professional women who are facing the Ds, all of which I’ve lived through. More confirmation.

Brenda spent the remainder of the time providing valuable insight and information on how to deal with our internal barriers in order to get what we have to offer our prospective clients to them. I so needed to hear that! After all, my coaching services are no good if I don’t have coachees, so I need to get over myself and go coach! Brenda proceeded to give practical tips on how to do that. This will also help if I move forward and carry Mary Kay…I got so much from her presentation in such a short time that I’d like to share the info on an upcoming event below:


As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who understands the power of collaboration and multiple perspectives, I’m taking advantage of every opportunity I can to learn and develop professionally and surround myself with women who are where I want to go. And I won’t lie. I’m loving it. Today, as I rushed from the above meeting to Zumba and was late due to horrendous traffic, I was thankful not to have the 45 minute to an hour commute I had before. In that moment, I was truly grateful to be living the professional life I am right now. Don’t get me wrong, starting a business and making a go of it is not all meetings where I get to dress up, meet at a nice venue and listen to a dynamic speaker. But when it is, life feels pretty sweet collaborating and creating my selling style – all while wearing coral Calvin Klein.

What about you? How could collaboration help you with your personal or professional challenges or goals? What about your selling style? You may not classify yourself as in sales, but if you work with people, you’re a salesperson!

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach


7 thoughts on “Collaborating and Creating My Selling Style in Coral Calvin Klein

  1. Beauty Beyond Bones, thank you so much for liking the post. I checked out your journal, Bloom, and am so inspired by the description. Anorexia and eating disorders are topics that have always fascinated me. In fact, my first chapter book, written in eighth grade was about a young dancer who succumbed to anorexia in her quest for the perfect body. I love how your journal incorporates Scripture and pray blessings on it and your writing! Hope you’ll visit the blog again.


  2. Hello A Latte Style. I appreciate you liking the blog post and am trying to figure out how to see your blog. For some reason the Gravatar doesn’t like me. Please keep stopping by and I’ll check your blog out as soon as I can – lattes and style are both so my thing! : )


  3. Hello, Ashley! I checked out your blog and am so impressed by how you’ve gone for it! So creative and you are getting a great response from readers. I will go back and visit again as I can learn from what you’re doing. And you’re right – God hasn’t changed His mind. He will give us the desires of our heart if we just keep writing to bless and inspire others. Hope you’ll visit again. Thank you for liking my post.


  4. Hello Esther! Thank you for liking my blog post. I checked out your blog and love the mix of dining, health and wellness, and beauty. I hope you’ll visit again and I’ll do the same. Happy writing!


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