Keep Growing to Keep Going – Even When Working in Our Strengths, We Need to Work at Strengthening Them

Keep Growing to Keep Going – Even When Working in Our Strengths, We Need to Work at Strengthening Them

Day 141 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic has been a day of growth for me. Well, actually, the theme of the last few weeks has been personal and professional growth. I’m working with a book coach who is an award-winning author to launch my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul, and I also worked closely with my mentor, Kay Fittes of High Heeled Success, to prepare for this weekend’s assertiveness workshop. I’ve maximized every opportunity to ask these two experts in their fields for feedback on my book and agency. And sometimes they’ve both provided it unsolicited! Add to that the fact that I’m in self-imposed Business Bootcamp, and I’m feeling a few growing pains. I’m ok with it though, because I understand that we have to keep growing to keep going in order get to where we want to be, even when we’re working in our strengths.

We’ve all heard without pain there’s no gain. This applies whether the strengths are absent, in which case growing pain develops them, or whether they’re already present and the growing pain enhances them. In my case, with Pink Collar Savvy & Chic, I’m drawing from all of my strengths – the things I’ve  loved since childhood, like writing, speaking, teaching, decorating, and even singing, as well as the things I’ve learned were strengths as an adult through education and experience. Still, that doesn’t make me immune to growing pains. Right now, my mentor has encouraged me to really nail down my agency’s target market, which means rethinking my mission and many of the documents I’ve already created. My book coach is advocating for me to do the same for my reading audience.

As I assured both of them, the feedback is not hurtful; it’s actually quite helpful. There’s just a boat load of learning and labor associated with both requests. You see, I thought I had already truly identified my target market…Now I see that I need to narrow it down to those for whom I can provide unique value. That’s the bad news. The good news is, I’m up for the task – and the learning. In fact, Kay paid me the highest compliment by saying I’m the most open to feedback person she knows. She went on to say that I not only take it, I implement it and move forward. Christy Wright, The Business Boutique author (what I call my Business Bootcamp), would be proud seeing how determining things like target audience is the first step to having a successful business.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick with a teachable spirit, I feel so honored that accomplished women who are where I want to go see something in me that causes them to freely invest their time and energy into my growth. Today, because of them (and homework from one of them) I’m a step closer to my business details being nailed down.  I focused on my strengths and took advantage of online resources to teach me about skills and services I need develop/tap into to reach my target market/audience. Like with any good workout, I’m a little worn out but feel so much better because I worked hard (with the aid of coffee) and made a big dent in this big job today. Tomorrow, I’ll keep growing and keep going to serve women. Good things my strengths are at work.`

What about you? Are you continuing to grow your strengths to get where you want to be?

Be savvy &   chic,

~Pink Collar Coach


2 thoughts on “Keep Growing to Keep Going – Even When Working in Our Strengths, We Need to Work at Strengthening Them

    1. Holly, I’m so glad that the blog post spoke to you. You are truly in the process of growing in so many ways and I’m sure can attest to the fact that though it can be painful, it’s so worth it! And I truly appreciate you taking the time to comment. As soon as I figure out how readers can follow (the button isn’t visible), I’ll let you know and hope you will. Have a wonderful day. Blessings!


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