There’s No Place Like Home After a Whole Day Assertiveness Workshop/Work Week

There’s No Place Like Home After a Whole Day Assertiveness Workshop/Work Week

“Mama tired,” is what I told one of our Sole Supporters as I sank into a chair following the massive pack up of our workshop at its conclusion. I coined the term for our High Heeled Success workshop helpers, and boy were we thankful for them yesterday! The night before, when we didn’t have any because one of the most faithful recently moved and others couldn’t make it, it took my partner in crime and me four hours to set up. Combine that with the fact that the actual workshop day started at 6:15am so we could arrive at 8am, start promptly at 9am, and then go non-stop until 4pm. The hour lunch break doesn’t count as we have to get ready for the afternoon segment. When the workshop ended, the networking began. Debrief and thankfully dinner concluded the day. All that not to complain, but to explain why I’m tuckered out. In fact, I haven’t ventured beyond my back deck today because for me, there truly is no place like home after a whole day workshop. Or a work week for that matter.

I’ve been a Joel Osteen fan for years but am still always amazed by how God uses him to speak directly to me every time I watch. His message this morning was on weariness and how we need to practice good self care when we’ve worked hard. Prior to setting up for the workshop Friday, I attended an early networking event with H7 Evolve, met with my book coach, and updated my business materials to reflect The Swan Experience (updates on that in another blog) so I could distribute during the workshop.

Years ago, when I first consulted Kay Fittes, High Heeled Success’ CEO, about operating my business full-time, I explained how I thought that would give me more work life balance. She warned me that to the contrary, if entrepreneurs are not careful, we can work all of the time. Now I understand her caution! But it’s not just business owners who have to be intentional about making time to be at home when much of our lives have us out and about. Even those who work from home or are full-time home makers may find ourselves flying all over the place so much that home is just a landing pad.

That’s why today, other than making a quick run for coffee supplies, because home just isn’t home without coffee, I’m laying low right here. Rather than a landing pad, I’m using it as a power docking station. It’s officially fall, so I’m enjoying the velvet pumpkins I’ve sprinkled throughout my rooms. Later I may read, watch a movie, or even re-watch Season I of “Victoria”. Regardless of what I do, it will serve the purpose of recharging my batteries so I can go out and live my purpose coaching, encouraging and inspiring women, all to His glory.

White Shabby Chic inspired velvet pumpkins are my take on autumn decor.                                     The purple one was a DIY project featured in a previous post. 
Pretty pink Shabby Chic inspired velvet pumpkin.                                                                                    Sign hanging above the door visible through pass-through is so true for me and my hubby too.                                           

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick, home really is my happy place. That’s why I take pictures of it and share about it with you readers. I hope something you see or read here on the blog causes you to truly make home your happy place too. After all, we spend so much time working, whether that’s on the home front or in the workplace, and whether we’ve spent a weekend presenting a workshop or doing other work related things, that most of us can relate to what Dorthy longed for as she clicked her heels and repeated, “There’s no place like home”.

How intentional are you about taking time to be at home? About making it your happy place?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach


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