What’s Your Why?

What’s Your Why?

Yesterday, Day 135 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project whizzed by and before I knew it, it was after midnight. Since I’d technically missed my deadline, I decided I’d wait and post tonight. Though I’ve only missed writing a handful of days from May 1 until now, I still don’t like to because of the reason I started blogging daily in the first place. Why do you blog every day? you many wonder. Christy Wright, the author of Business Boutique, puts it this way: What’s your why? 

When I went through the abusive situation that caused me to lose practically everything, even after things got better, I was nevertheless incapable of writing for almost two years. In a sense, that time was stolen from me. Now, as I continue to cope with the trauma of that abusive relationship, I’m determined not to let history repeat itself. And, I’m also determined to find purpose in the pain so that I can bless, coach, encourage and inspire other women to live their best lives – even if life just isn’t good – or at least doesn’t feel that way. I live to show women if I can come out on the other side of practically every personal and professional barrier to living a life I love, so can you. That’s my why. Women are my why.

Last week, I met with a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Swan who got there the hard way. Today she’s very accomplished as master degreed entrepreneur and non-profit owner, recent Forty Under Forty winner, and a member of nearly every worthy board you can imagine. As she explained the support services her non-profit provides for teen parents and their families, I asked, “How old were you when your daughter was born?” When she promptly answered, “Sixteen”, I knew I’d asked nailed the question and hit on her why. It explains the boundless energy and devotion she applies to serving teen parents. Because she was one of them, she has a huge heart for them.

Pregnant Woman Holding Belly - JPG

When we know our why, it motivates us and makes everything, including the mundane, doable – no task is too big or too small. It  makes it easier to get out of bed early to go deal with an emergency at your center when you were scheduled in late. It gives you the patience you need to work with your homeschooling child when patience is running thin on both sides. It keeps you from losing it with that boss, co-worker, direct report, or team member even though you were just an inch from going there. And it gets you to go the extra mile to serve them instead so that your clients and customers get the service they need. When you know your why, it’s forever in your sights and keeps your eye on the prize.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Coach, the Pink Collar Coach ; ), who knows my why, Business Boutique is helping me to focus on it. When I feel discouraged by posts I believe will  resonate and they fall flat, when I struggle to reach my target audience and wonder why I can’t seem to break through to more women, when I feel I’m floundering in the dark, my why reminds me: In the woman from Zumba who comments on how I’ve inspired her; In the new mom who says I’ve given her the motivation to get back to writing when the kids are down; In the former co-worker who says reading the blog is her morning treat. Those women shine light into the dark places and illuminate what was there all along. Them. You. My why.

So, Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Swan, whether you’re working on the home front or in the workplace, what’s your why?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink  Collar Coach


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