Savvy Chic-ing Salvage to Suit Your Style

Savvy Chic-ing Salvage to Suit Your Style

Savvy chic-ed Salvage now suits my decorating style. The sun had gone down by the time it dried, but it still draws the eye upward to this moment of prettiness. Please don’t judge my hubby’s stack of books in the corner. We’re both avid readers with more space than storage.                Besides it doesn’t have to be perfect to be pretty!

It’s Day 128 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and the piece of architectural salvage hanging in my dining room between it and the living room did not look like this a few hours ago. When I found it, it was black – so not my interior taste – but had the right scale and scrollwork, which is a theme that runs throughout my decor. At  just $10 bucks, I snapped it up and knew with a little effort and elbow grease of the spray can kind, I could savvy chic it to suit my decorating style. I’ve searched for ages for the right piece for this transition spot and large horizontal expanse of wall (a load bearing beam), and am proud that since I couldn’t find it, I created it myself.

Perhaps you’ve been in the same situation but didn’t feel you had the DIY skills to transform a piece into what you wanted. Here are the easy steps to savvy chic your home or office decor pieces to suit you individual style.

  1. Find the right piece – scale, size, style (It’s helpful to keep a list of items you’re on the lookout for, along with dimensions needed).
Black architectural “salvage”. It is actually resin. Wrong color, right scale, size and style.

2. Determine the color and finish (flat, matte, satin, gloss, etc.) you want and purchase spray, or can as well as brushes, etc. (You may need a primer if the piece is dark, or several coats.) Follow all directions for safety and best results.

Matte white fast dry spray paint.         $1 at Walmart.

3. Choose a spot to paint that has good ventilation, preferably outdoors, and wear a mask if needed. Protect surface with plastic or paper (secure if windy) and protect clothing if not in your DIY duds!

One coat down. Two to go. 

4. Allow adequate time to dry for best results, then hang or display your piece proudly.

The finished product. Again, the sun had gone down by this time so a little dark, but oh, so pretty.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Chick who’s been painting things to transform them since I was a little girl, I hope this simple DIY project will inspire you to try painting some of  your own pieces, whether new and in the need of tweaking to fit your needs, or old and in need of a refresh. When you personalize pieces and savvy chic them to suit your individual sense of style, not only do they look great, they make you feel great as in DIY job well done.

What salvage piece or other stuff (LOL) could you potentially paint or savvy chic in some other way to better suit your home or office style? Shoot me a photo if you take on this DIY project and I’ll feature it on the blog.

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach












One thought on “Savvy Chic-ing Salvage to Suit Your Style

  1. Dawn, thanks so much for liking my post. I love that you describe yourself as a “30 something girl who writes for fun”. I was that once myself and it turned into a novel! Seasons of Her Soul, my debut novel, will be released January 2018. I hope you’ll check it out and visit the blog again. I’ll look for posts from you as well to see what you write about. Take care and happy writing!


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