Sense of Style Sense – Layer Your Summer Wardrobe to Look Savvy & Chic in Fall

Sense of Style Sense – Layer Your Summer Wardrobe to Look Savvy & Chic in Fall

Day 127 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project was one of those where you can feel the transition from summer to fall. Since I do Zumba early on Saturday mornings, the hot tub and then lunch, I knew I needed to dress in layers so I would be warm enough when I left the gym and in the air-conditioned restaurant. I’m shivering cold after working out because my temperature spikes when I’m dancing hard then it plummets immediately afterward.  And with the forecast predicting temps in the mid seventies, I wanted to be able to remove a layer when they reached their high. It makes good style sense to layer summer pieces for savvy and chic fall looks that keep you comfortable as well.

Savvy & Chic Summer Layering:

I. A summer maxi dress in a color that transitions well into fall (think shades of orange, yellow, green)

2. A short sleeve top in a complimentary tone worn over the maxi takes it into the next season vs. bare neck and shoulders

3. A lightweight flyaway cardigan (cardi) that marries the two pieces

4. A handbag and shoes that pull the colors together and add a deep fall tone like brown


Maxi dress is about four or five years old, cardi around same age, and the short sleeve top is from this season. The shoes (sun made them look white, but actually a creamy peach) and handbag are in the same color family but not match-matchy.                        Both, as well as sunglasses, have some deep brown which say “Fall”.                                    OPI nail polish same tint as shoes. $3 at TJ Maxx!
Layering allows you to lighten up when needed. All clothing and accessories Calvin Klein – TJMaxx or Marshall’s.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who is still savoring summer over the next two weeks, I’m not quite ready to hang up my summer wardrobe. By layering it, I maximize the pieces I’m still enjoying by making them stretch into fall. As we continue heading toward autumn, I plan to post some pictures of other ways yo stretch your summer closet, and your budget, using lightweight sweaters, scarves, and ankle boots. These looks are great whether you’re on the homefront, in the workplace, or running back and forth between the two. I hope you’ll visit to get tips on how to layer your summer pieces to make savvy & chic fall looks.

 In the meantime, if you use any of these layering tips, please shoot me a picture. I’d love to feature you on my blog!

Kibby maximizing her summer finds. Suede boots. So savvy chic & stylish!

~Be savvy & chic,

~Pink  Collar Coach



2 thoughts on “Sense of Style Sense – Layer Your Summer Wardrobe to Look Savvy & Chic in Fall

  1. Crystal, thank you for liking my post. I checked yours out and the graphics and content is great. I’m very impressed and inspired. I’m a new blogger, so I plan to stop by again and hope you will do likewise. Thank you and keep up the great posts.


  2. Thank you, Aniket, for liking my post. I’m a new blogger and use my smart phone for photos, so I’m honored that a photographer would take the time to view my blog. Hope you’ll visit again soon and I’ll do likewise.


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