Winning and Learning

Winning and Learning

Day 125 of the aPink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project has been a day where I have to confess that as a beginning blogger, I felt like yesterday’s blog post was a bit of a loser. Last night I poured my heart into a post that I thought would surely resonate with readers and added what I thought were great images to accompany it. To my surprise, other than three women who liked it on Facebook and some views on LinkedIn (Thank you all for that!), it seems to have fallen flat. The funny thing is, the night before I posted something I felt had less true substance, and it was well received. The latter felt like a win and the former, well, as I mentioned earlier, I could easily let it go down in the books as a lose. Instead, I’m going to try to learn from it.

From what I’ve read, truly nailing my target audience, posting great, relevant content, and coupling it with compelling images is the recipe for a winning blog post. Where I think I may have lost is in using images of my children’s rooms with dream catchers in them to illustrate the point, which was entitled: “Never Quit Your Daydream”. The miss may have been that the room’s decor was more prominent in the photos than the dream catchers. As a novice blogger, I was so enamored with the photo of my son’s room especially that I used it for the wrong post. Next time, I’ll either come up with a better topic or a better image, and I’ll definitely make sure they really complement one another and are a winning combination. “Losing” lesson learned.

Thankfully for me, though I was a little discouraged by how the post “performed”, I don’t want to be a slave to my stats and was able to enjoy other successes, like attending a Mentoring for Purpose meeting where I received incredible feedback on a workshop I presented a few weeks ago as well as a request for a follow up training. It was also rewarding to know my contributions truly added value to meeting and were appreciated. Then I had a phone conversation with a Life Coach I used to supervise and I was able to affirm her strengths and how she can maximize them for her next opportunity. She in turn reiterated what a powerful impact I’ve had on her and others in the space. This was a case of winning and learning! Finally, I got to provide some career coaching to a woman who is in transition and she came away from it better equipped with the tools she needed to make an informed decision regarding next steps. Another win-learn.


As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick, I’m so thankful that I have this blog. On good days, on not so much ones, and everything in-between. It helps me be intentional and mindful about every experience and often provides clarity of perspective or a mindset shift. After a few minutes of writing I can honestly now say that I’m good with winning or “losing” – especially if in the losing, there are lessons to be learned.

How about you? What “losses” have actually turned out to be learning experiences?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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