Savvy & Chic She Storage

Savvy & Chic She Storage

It’s Day 115/116 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and the space beneath the stairs of our finished family room did not look like this when I got up this morning! As I blogged yesterday, inserting a gooseneck lamp into my decor led to me showing other spaces in the house some love. One of them was this sorely neglected catch-all cubby. About four years ago, I spent another whole day cleaning it out from when my stepsons were younger and used it as their “Boys Only Club”. I reinvented the space to serve as a reading nook and a place for my children to watch their beloved VHS collection of Disney, Veggie Tales, and Nest family friendly Bible movies. It also served as overflow storage for their toys.  For a time, they loved it.
Unfinished shelves used to house children’s books. Love how they mimic the raw wood stairs. A bulb hangs from the ceiling, but I added a crystal lamp with a pink shade. The Homer Laughlin plates were a gift twenty plus years ago. They’ve sat in storage seven years since I’ve been in this house. They were the inspiration for the room since the peacock green and even the pink is present in Masters prints in the adjacent Man Cave. Mugs and cream storage pieces are ones I’ve had for ages. Everything pairs beautifully even though it came together in a day!
Now, the cubby under the stairs doesn’t hold the same appeal as when the children were not only younger but shorter! Add to that the fact that it had become a tragic, cluttered catchall, and no one’s used it for anything but a dumping ground in the last few years. Below is just a small sample of what I had to contend with before I could actually decorate the space. These pics don’t even include the two office stools my hubby had piled on top of everything else. After putting in some serious sweat equity to haul all the mess out, I thought, we should be on Hoarders. Thankfully, my stepsons all play college golf, so the boxes their fancy gear for carting stuff around came in were sorta on hand…I had to retrieve them from the curb before garbage collection in my pjs, but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.
Fisher Price doll house. More often served as a luxury setting for Littlest Pet Shop dramas. My children were obsessed and created elaborate storylines, many filmed.
So many wonderful books packed away here, along with precious memories of reading them together.
Movie Nights are usually DVD, soon to be Blue Ray now….

After cleaning and vacuuming the empty space, I set about making my She Storage Space beautiful, comfortable and functional. I did this using things I already had for the most part. The few items few new items I added were inexpensive. Now instead of a tragic underused cubby, I have a truly pretty, organized space for my Pink Collar Savvy & Chic files, reference books, stationery, wrapping and tissue paper, tools, paints, etc. The addition of pillows (extras can be stored here until changed out as the season or my fancy dictates), reading glasses, soft lighting and a fan make it comfy as well.

The natural wood shelf is rustic but the roses make it Shabby Chic. Metalic dry erase board has t peacock green in the leaves and speaks to the roses in the plates.                                                       Small sign adds a bit of wit with bunch of wisdom!                                                                                  Fabric roses were the purchase needed to make it perfect. My pitcher fit them like made to do it.
Inidan rug made from silk saris – $17 at TJMaxx! Pulls it all together.
This end of the space may not look like much, but with high head room above, all I see is storage, sweet storage! I have a designated space for my tools, paints, etc. Everything I need to make a creative girl happy. Those $2 Goodwill brackets in the pink basket are just waiting for a date with the spray paint in the white tool box! Plus, I can store my Pink Collar Curated stash here. 

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who is sad to see my children grow up and away from the things they once loved, I’m also happy that it gives me the chance to grow into and do more of the things I love. Now I have a savvy and chic place to store some of it!

What about you? How can you use or improve an existing space in your home or office to support your pursuits?

Be savvy & chic,

~ Pink Collar Coach


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