Gooseneck Lamp with Tulip Shade Tweaks a Space and Spurs Sprucing Up

Gooseneck Lamp with Tulip Shade Tweaks a Space and Spurs Sprucing Up

Day 114 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project was full of creativity and cleaning. After hearing a message about how “God’s Got This”, I felt encouraged about some relationships struggles and remembered haters hate because that’s what they do. If I’m their target, or you are, we’re probably doing something right that drew their attention to us in the first place. So rather than letting it stop us, if we let Him, God will use it to jump start us to do even greater things. He really does have this – our hopes, dreams, fears, families and careers.

Bolstered by hearing this simple but profound truth, I set about taking pictures to post this week and showed my home some TLC, inside and out, during the process. Since my home is my sanctuary and takes such good care of me, I love doing things for it to make it feel pretty and cared for as well. Often, the purchase of a new item or reimagining of one, causes me to have to rearrange some things to find a place for it.

That was the case today with a tulip lamp I purchased for another purpose (my She Storage Space, but that’s another post). When my attempts to make the lamp fit the space I’d intended it for fell flat, I thought of  moving it to the dining room, which doubles as my office. And while the lamp didn’t work on the dining room table, a little artful rearranging of my small buffet table created a lot of magic.

Gooseneck tulip lamp pairs beautifully with a lamp I got at Target for my fourteen-year-old daughter’s nursery, and it mimics the tulips in the painting. The vase was a baby shower gift. Willow Tree figurine and the cross are both by artist Susan Lordi. My Simply Shabby Chic sewing box, coasters, and Shabby Chic inspired Welcome sign = a reimagined table scape.                     
A broader perspective. The dress form paintings were found at two completely different times. The pair of white floral paintings were an inexpensive set at Home Goods. And I bought the table when I was transitioning out of homelessness because the wicker and scrolling match the dining chairs – purchased with funds my father left me. All items on the bottom shelf are from Target’s Simply Shabby Chic line. Finally the Keep Calm sign was a bday gift from TJMaxx.
This tole sconce is a forever fave. So Shabby Chic. It hangs in the dining room. When I saw how its distressed patina and curves mirror the gooseneck lamp’s, I knew I was on to something.

I was so pleased with the results of my rearranging that I spend the rest of my Sunday tweaking nearly every room in the house, including putting all the furniture, plants and decor back on the front deck (our Jack of All Trades removed everything to re-stain the front yesterday but neglected to put anything back…). Most spaces got cleaning and camera love too.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who works hard enough that you wouldn’t think I’d enjoy spending all day Sunday tweaking my home, I loved it. As much as I love blogging about a gooseneck tulip lamp, tweaks to spaces and sprucing up the place…My home is a place of beauty, comfort and function, and just as I want it to inspire those who reside here, I want to do the same with those of you who read about it here. I hope you enjoy what I share as you stop by to visit. Come again soon!

What piece, new or old, has inspired you to tweak, spruce up or both at home or in your office? Which one can?

Be savvy & chic,

~Pink Collar Coach

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