Pink Collar Canine for Christ

Pink Collar Canine for Christ

Day 113 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project provided the opportunity for me to finally see Juneau, a therapy dog, at work. Her human, Roger, is my friend Kibby’s significant other. Juneau is a 110′ Alaskan Malamute. Roger has had her since she was one and had her train with a greater Cincinnati agency, Canines for Christ, that shows Christ’s love through visiting assisting living, nursing homes, schools, and other facilities.  I was around when Juneau was in training but had never gotten to see her in action.

Today, Juneau represented Canines for Christ at an event for veterans. And although the vets raved about how beautiful and big she is, Juneau really did her job with a ten-year-old boy, Bradley, who has autism. His mother was distraught that he was having a bad day and wouldn’t get out of the car. Juneau to the rescue! When Roger took her over, she coaxed him out with her sheer sweetness. Normally, she isn’t supposed to be petted while on duty, and she is obedient when in that role. But today she was there specifically to let vets, and in this case a child, love on her and she definitely earned her keep!  I don’t think it was a stretch for her because if you look up “gentle giant”, you could find a picture of this pretty Pink Collar Canine.

Juneau relaxing after she enjoyed two hot dogs as a reward for her afternoon at work.
Though not visible, Juneau’s collar is actually a faded red – almost pink. Her tag is a pink heart. 
Juneau and Roger. This picture could be entitled “Man’s Best Friend”. I think Kibby will frame it.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick, seeing Juneau at work did my heart good. By just spending a few minutes with Bradley, doing what she was created to do, she changed his day. And his moms’. Juneau is living her purpose with beauty, grace, and a servant’s heart. Yes, even a dog can serve, bless  people, and show Christ’s love to other’s here on earth. Juneau does it so well she could be the poster dog for Canine’s for Christ. It may sound silly, but she’s Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose in my book.

I plan to tear a page from Juneau’s book. How can you, whether working on the home front or in the workplace? Perhaps this message from our Zumba class this morning will inspire you.

Pink Collar Coach and my Soul Sister, Kibby after our Saturday Zumba class. My athletic wear is Calvin Klein with my go-to New Balance gym shoes. Beauty (yes, beauty), comfort, and function. 

Be savvy & chic on purpose,

~Pink  Collar Coach

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