Personal Makeover to Match Professional Metamorphosis

Personal Makeover to Match Professional Metamorphosis

Day 109 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Project has technically passed, but I’m so excited about how I spent it that I wanted to share. For years my comprehensive coaching agency, Pink Collar Savvy & Chic, has partnered with High Heeled Success to present workshops for professional women. At the most recent, I met an early childhood center director and could relate to her struggles, having sat in that seat myself.  Like me, she was barely surviving in the role and took advantage of the opportunity to invest in her professional development when it was offered. Fast forward to today and she is now thriving. She’s undergone quite a professional transformation and I am thrilled to have conducted an complete image consultation to reflect her changes.

After this professional woman, who is the boss, initially reached out for the consultation, she experienced a case of cold feet and was understandably a little fearful. I assured her that I would do everything in my power to ensure she had a positive experience and that she’d come away from the image consultation, which I use as a coaching session, feeling encouraged and inspired.

And I’m so happy to say I delivered on my promise. Our day started at TJMaxx and when the first outfit I’d selected for her was PERFECT, it set the tone for the rest of the wardrobe shopping. Now this director who wears hats as a business woman, classroom assistant, tour guide, bus driver, cook, custodian, nurse and counselor to name only a few, has a selection of beautiful, comfortable, functional separates along with slide on flats that she can mix and match to build several outfits. All of these will enable her to step into any of her roles with ease and style.

Makeup was next on the agenda. Our trip to Sephora yielded an array of cosmetics that can be applied to bring out great skin and STUNNING, and I do mean STUNNING hazel eyes flecked with so much green. The ladies at Sephora couldn’t say enough about how pretty they are and I agreed. In fact, pretty was a common theme that ran through the clothing I selected for her. While she needs to look professional and like the leader of the program and for parents and stakeholders, pieces with details like embroidery, fresh patterns, feminine cuts, soft colors and those with a pop play up the pretty while remanning professional. Cosmetics with pinks, peaches, and purples complement her new wardrobe.

Finally, a salon visit that included color, eyebrow waxing, cut, and styling completed the new look. A pretty auburn shade mixed with a subtle gold tone is close to the natural hue buried beneath gray hair. As with her eyes, the stylists in the salon were effusive about how gorgeous my client’s thick, curly hair. To get a better shape than below, a bob cut with the back slightly stacked causes the front to fall forward a little and it will do more as it grows out. The bangs were left a little long, again for softness and to show off her brows. The color alone erased years and enhanced her beauty.



At the end of our time, the ladies at Sephora and the salon wanted to see the total transformation. Their enthusiasm was as much a boost for the my client’s self esteem as the new look. She indulged all of us and changed into one of her new outfits so we could take pictures of her transformation. The genuine, spontaneous reactions all around – from the stylists, receptionist and other customers – far exceeded any feedback I could have given. She did me so proud!



As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Coach who LOVES to bless women, I coached all day to not only dress my client but to address her issues. So you can imagine why my favorite part of the day was when I told her, “You got through the day with no tears.” Then she proceeded to cry – tears of joy. Rewarding Doesn’t. Begin. To. Describe. It.

~Pink Collar Coach

If you’d like to polish your professional packaging, I’d love to hear from you to discuss an image consultation.



2 thoughts on “Personal Makeover to Match Professional Metamorphosis

  1. Thank you to all of the bloggers who liked my post. Because of you, it was my highest number of likes to-date. As a new blogger, that means so much, especially since the make over was meaningful not only to my client, but for me as well. Today I was able to check out each of your blogs briefly but plan to return in the next few days to take a deeper dive. I’m excited to be part of the blogging community and appreciate you welcoming me in.


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