Chic Country Wedding Weekend – What I Wore, Gifts and Decor

Chic Country Wedding Weekend – What I Wore, Gifts and Decor

It’s Day 108 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project. Yesterday, Day 107, was spent traveling. The day before, Day 106, was the long awaited big day. It passed in a whirlwind of wedding activity. So, in the spirit of writing daily, I posted my outfit below on Facebook, which I recently learned is considered a micro blog. Who knew?  It was fun getting feedback from fellow Fashionistas, Maxxinistas and ladies who just love a pretty dress. This one was perfect for an outdoor country ceremony and barn reception.

Floral, flirty, fun sheath dress. It was lightweight and perfect for sitting in sweltering heat and dancing inside. My bag was large enough to carry some flats for a quick change once in the barn.                                               I got SO many compliments on the strappy pink, orange and navy shoes, which I found months before the dress. All Calvin Klein. This outfit is a perfect example of why I like to shop a favorite designer. I know things will go well together. It also satisfies my inner Garanimals  girl!

Before I left for the ceremony, I gathered the gift I’d selected for the couple, along with the gift bag and card and snapped a picture to share. This pumpkin is one of my favorite wedding finds ever! I spotted it and snatched it up, having never seen one like it. Knowing the bride chose a barn for her special day, I hope this and the message/prayer I wrote for her and her husband on the bottom will touch their hearts and bless them every time they set it out. For me, the presentation of the gift is as important as the gift itself. I carefully choose something and try to individualize it, as well as wrapping it in a way that shows I was intentional and took time to pay attention to the details.

Shabby chic sage green pumpkin with year the couple was established. LOVE IT & hope they do! The gift bag with sage lettering and pink and green flowers was perfect with the pumpkin (both from TJMaxx) and the pink tissue paper I always keep on hand. I always find a faith based card and searched a while for this one from Dayspring. It had the right message and color scheme! Love how the pinks, blue green, white and even the black are carried through both.

The bride understandably didn’t want cameras and phones taking pictures during the outdoor ceremony, so unfortunately I don’t have any of that. And with all the excitement  meeting folks, visiting with my in-laws’ family and friends I’ve heard about for years, and dancing of course all night of course, I neglected to go back outside and take any afterwards. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to share some of those once they’re posted online…That said, the reception decor was dreamy. So reminiscent of Rachel Ashwell’s The Prairie. (I tried to paste the link here but couldn’t make it work. You can check it out at The final picture was also posted on Facebook as I traveled. From responses, it seems people really do love a wedding!

The tin roof, the chandelier, the white hydrangeas, even the folding chairs were pretty.            County chic heaven.  
Only one of so many lovely vignettes.
Shabby Chic meets Rustic Farmhouse. Ahh. : )
The Family of the Groom.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick for whom some weddings are as quintessentially beautiful, ethereal and Shabby Chic as can be, this one has me dreaming of the day when I’ll be able to plan one for my daughter (or son), who already love country music, cowboy boots, Shabby Chic and Prairie style. I hope it’s inspired you to dream too and has given you some savvy & chic ideas for what to wear, gift giving, and chic country wedding decor.

If you’re planning a wedding or shower, I’d love to hear about it and see pics!

~Pink Collar Coach


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