Savvy & Chic Shopping Series – For Working Women Who Love Home & Hearth

Savvy & Chic Shopping Series – For Working Women Who Love Home & Hearth

Day 89 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project still has me trying to figure out my true blog target audience and my blogging voice. To be honest, I’m throwing everything I’ve got out there, and trying to learn what sticks. From what I’m reading, this is a normal process that can feel lonely at times. Especially those times where I share things I’m passionate about and that I hope will resonate with readers and they fall flat. Regardless, I’m determined to keep posting for what I realized today may be my target: Women in the workplace who have a heart for home. And though my writing definitely has a faith-based component, I’m hopeful that it will inspire women, whatever your religious beliefs. If men like it, then that’s a bonus, even though you aren’t pink collar!
That being the case, I’m going to continue with this series, sharing my finds from resale shopping this weekend. If it falls totally flat, I’ll know the social and professional sites where I’m posting may not be the right ones for this type of content. But hey, I won’t know unless I try, right? Besides, I need to practice taking quality pictures that not only look good on my phone but on screen. So here it goes with treasures that speak to home and hearth (historically, the latter was where the cooking was done). I used them as kitchen decor.
Yardlong (horizontal print) of cooking herbs in a muted green frame. Love the pink & soft teal.
The same $4 picture can be hung vertically and came with a hook for either option. It isn’t crooked but my aim is. Please don’t judge!
More wonky photography! I hung the print in the kitchen above the door that leads to our finished walkout basement AKA the Mancave. I love how it picks up the pinks and blues in the heart picture frame and the Simply Shabby Chic apron, as well as the greens in the wall hooks and garden inspired mirror. The mirror is one of the few pieces inherited from my hubby’s first wife that I actually kept.
This $1 plaque reminders to slow down and try to share a few meals around the table. As busy women on the home-front and in the workplace, visual reminders are needed. When you work hard, breaking bread together provides sustenance for body and soul.
As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick, who is still trying to find my niche, my reader tribe, and my photo mojo, I hope I don’t turn readers off with my imperfect home-y posts. I’m biased of course, but I view each post as beautiful because they are my childhood dream of a magazine for Christian women that would cover fashion, interior design and short stories come true. I wouldn’t post unless I believed someone else would see the beauty too and be motivated to recreate for themselves. Rather than turning off, I hope I can connect with women who relate to my love of home, career, style, and faith. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to make the most of your home. Your hearth. And your life.
~Pink Collar Coach

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