Showing Succulents Some Shabby Chic Love

Showing Succulents Some Shabby Chic Love

It’s Day 84 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Project, and I’ve shown the deck off our second-floor bedroom enough love that it’s become a cozy place to read and write if I don’t want to sit on the front porch or the back deck. I’d posted a few pictures when I first found this gorgeous peacock chair at TJ Maxx and I’d borrowed the plastic floor mats from the front porch until I could find the right rug for this space, but now, with its own rug and a brass table that are weather-resistant, it feels finished, especially since the table plays well with the brass on the light fixture that was already there. The wicker-look chest stores the Simply Shabby Chic pillow and chair cushion when not in use and makes it a comfortable and functional space.

Still, I needed to bring the pretty. Never would I have guessed it would come in the form of succulents. They’ve become so popular lately, but I really wasn’t a fan. That was until I found a way to Shabby Chic them. When I spotted miniature pink pots at TJ Maxx (of course), I filled them with sage green succulents that bring out the soft green in the chair.  So pretty! Now the space is not only comfortable and functional, it’s beautiful too.



Pink miniature pots with sage green succulents that I cut down with my garden clippers to fit. Now they are perfectly Shabby Chic.


These seashells go back about twenty years. The large conch shell  in the back is shaped perfectly to serve as a barrier so the pots won’t blow off the deck on windy days. Like it was designed for the job! The purple succulents are in my Shabby Chic palette.
I’ve had this Wardian case terrarium for years and it had been sitting idle for a while. Again, though I don’t love succulents on their own, when placed in miniature white pots that fit my Shabby Chic aesthetic, they grew on me and the case got put to good use again. 
Gazing balls are a common theme in my outdoor decorating and this white one softens the brown deck stain. They’re meant to reflect the flowers in a garden, so I was thrilled when I found these gold “succulents” with white blooms that pull the bronze over from the light fixture and table. The bohemian pattern on the white pots softens the contemporary look and makes them fit my Shabby Chic style. They also go well with the pattern in the rug.
The view from my peacock chair perch. Love it all except for the unsightly dumpster that was delivered THE DAY I finished decorating. I could have cropped it but wanted to show how the seashells tie in with the shell fixture hanging opposite. At any rate,  now I’ll have a birds’ eye view of the debris from the house next door’s renovation project. Ugh…Hopefully demo will go quickly so it can go away.

With everything pulled together, I have a serene sanctuary that is an extension of the one I’ve created inside. Well, it will be serene once the demo next door is done. Looking on the bright side, it will be fun part for me to watch the house undergo its transformation.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who adores decorating, it’s always been my dream to share my home with others. I know my style isn’t for everyone, but I hope some will be inspired, if not to replicate what I’ve done, to at least be intentional about making all the spaces in your someplace and/or workspace not only comfortable and  functional, but beautiful as well. Sometimes that requires being open to new things or using items differently than everyone else.  Succulents can be used to create vignettes at home and even to bring a bit of nature into the office. They’re low or no maintenance, depending on real or artificial. I love that I can leave them outside and am so pleasantly surprised by how lovely I find the them. Now that they’ve been Shabby-Chic-ed of course!

~Pink Collar Coach


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