Pink Collar Coach, and Piper, Her Pink Bridled Partner Made a Perfect Match

Pink Collar Coach, and Piper, Her Pink Bridled Partner Made a Perfect Match

Day 75 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project was a close to perfect as a day can get for me. I was so pleased to awaken after sleeping blissfully late to find that in addition to some of you who visit PCS&C regularly, a few bloggers who are also photographers or artists liked yesterday’s post. Then I was able to spend the afternoon swimming, reading and sunning myself while visiting with my family.

Later in the afternoon, I interviewed to be a contributing author to an anthology of women’s inspirational stories. The interview went well and I just need to decide whether or not to participate, so more on that to come…After the interview, we headed out for horseback riding, one of the highlights of a vacation I always try to fit in if possible.

From the first moment I saw Piper, I was in love. With her beautiful white coat, and pink bridle, she may as well have had my initials branded on her saddle. Her nose was even pink! Add to that the fact that she was the only mommy amongst the five horses my family would ride, and I felt an immediate kinship with her. Sensing how I felt about her, Piper responded wonderfully to my praise of her  beauty and sweet nature.

As sweet as she is, as much of a lady as she is, Piper has a bit of spice mixed in. When we started out, a younger horse, Bear, walked right behind us, ridden by one of my stepsons. Piper obviously didn’t trust him, so she obstinately lagged behind and wouldn’t keep pace with the other horses ahead of us until Bear passed and got in front of her. After she’d used her non verbal cues effectively to get what she needed to feel safe, she followed my non verbal and verbal cues flawlessly. We then spent a lovely afternoon riding together.

Pink Collar Coach saddled up with Piper before the ride. 
Pink Collar Coach and Piper – a perfect match during the ride.
Pink Collar Coach and her pink collared partner after a perfect ride.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who is described as sweet, I need to channel a little more of Piper’s spice. When she refused to move forward and remain in a position that felt precarious, what she was really doing was advocating for and asserting herself appropriately. Piper reminded me that it’s alright and often necessary for Pink Collar women to do what we feel is best, on the home front and in the workplace, even if it means lagging behind others or going against the grain. That needed reminder, more than anything else about the ride, assured me that me being partnered with Piper was indeed the perfect match.

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