Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Short Story – Bonnie Bounces Back from Rock Bottom – Post 2 of 3

Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Short Story – Bonnie Bounces Back from Rock Bottom – Post 2 of 3

Day 71 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project confirmed some things about haters. Haters are going to hate. The good thing is, Joel Osteen once said haters were like crows and those of us who aren’t are eagles. A crow will try to nip at an eagle and the eagle will never even acknowledge it. It will just soar higher and higher, and eventually the crow will have to fall back because they were not created to soar.

So, if you are a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who’s got some haters biting at you, it’s beneath you to sink to their level. Just spread your wings and fly even higher.

Bonnie had some haters and other challenges. Please read on to see how she dealt with them. Hope you enjoy and take away something you can use to maximize your personal and/or professional life. Thanks for reading.

Pink Collar Coach

Oh, and I still haven’t figured out how to get the Shutterstock image off, but I have paid so should be okay…

Bonnie Bounces Back from Rock Bottom – Post 2 of 3 

Thrilled that she’d made it to the next step in the selection process and might actually be included in the book anthology, Bonnie read the email Doctor Nicole sent her following yesterday’s phone conversation.

Dear Bonnie:

Thank you for telling me your unique gift and how you discovered it.

I’m please to inform you that your story was compelling enough that we’d like you to answer a few more questions to help us determine if your story would make an impactful contribution to the anthology being compiled.

During the phone conversation you told your story in narrative form. This is a writing exercise that will demonstrate your ability to “write tight”. Please answer the following using bullet points and a succinct explanation:

What were five ways you overcame the obstacles in your way? 

Thank you for your participation, 

Doctor Nicole

Taking a sip of her iced green tea chai latte (with non-fat milk of course), Bonnie jotted down her initial thoughts. Then, since she tended to think in acronyms and mnemonics and had since learning the planets using “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pies”, she rearranged them into the acronym DEMPS for easy recall should she be asked to share. Next, she went back and added the explanations. When she finally had the answer down the way she wanted it, she hit the “Spelling and Grammar Check” key just to be safe, clicked “Save Draft” and read it aloud:

  • Deep Faith – When at rock bottom, my troubles ran deep. My trust ran deeper.
  • Education – Applied my old elementary ed degree in new ways; earned an advanced degree.
  • Mentoring – Aligned myself with people who were smarter, successful, and had reached where I wanted to go; showed them I was worth their investment in me.
  • Professional Development – Self-motivated, intentional and ongoing; through workshops, trainings, online resources, books, etc.
  • Soul Supporters -My husband, friends and tribe; I chose the family I wasn’t born into but wanted.

Pleased with her final product, Bonnie hit the “Send” key and stood to go get ready for date night with her hubby. The exercise she’d just completed naturally made her nostalgic about the things and people who’d helped her weather the storms she’d faced, but none more so than her faith and her husband. For Bonnie, the two were inextricably linked. She wouldn’t have believed it possible, but she loved both more today than she did back then.

Now she joined her husband in their bedroom and stood on tiptoe to wrap her arms around his neck. At barely 5’1″, Bonnie was almost a foot and a half shorter than her tall, handsome soul mate.

Phil kissed the top of her head and asked, “Did you send the email about your story?” He was ever supportive of his wife.

“Yes, and it made me think about how our love story began.”

“Is that so? How?”

“I had to list five ways I’d overcome obstacles and then provide a short explanation. Of course my relationship with you and my relationship with the Lord are at the top of that list.”

“Yeah, when I met you, I thought, How is this woman doing it? When you told me your life’s story up to this point, it was so over the top, I could have doubted you, but then, you couldn’t make up what you’d been through. And you were still going through it. It made me think long and hard about whether I wanted to take up with you.” The last was said in a teasing tone.

Bonnie feigned offense and stepped out of his embrace.

“Hey, I was just kidding! Seriously though, the nonsense happening to you was not going to continue on my watch, so hot mess or not, I was all in.”

Laughing, Bonnie turned back and planted a kiss on his cheek. She wasn’t a woman who felt she needed rescuing, but he’d been her champion from day one. Looking forward to their time together, she reached into her closet for the red dress she wanted to wear on their dinner date. “You’re funny,” she said as she passed him to go into the bathroom. “That was one of the things I loved about you from the night we met at that divorce care group. When you asked where I lived and I told you, you couldn’t believe it was your neighborhood. You actually stomped your foot and said, ‘You do not live in Indian Springs!’ It was hilarious!”

As funny as he was, Phil had a dry sense of humor and seldom laughed. “What was hilarious was that you thought you could write the sequel to Sleeping with the Enemy. I told you then and everything that’s happened with your ex since has confirmed that it’s already been written. It’s called The Return of the Anti-Christ.”

Bonnie merely laughed again and shook her head at how he could say such outrageous things deadpan and not crack a smile.

Laughter aside, when they’d met, she’d truly been at rock bottom. Rather than the courts returning custody when the truth about what her wasband had done came out, it had taken her nearly a year to get them back. She was working a temp job making no money, living in subsidized housing, and could barely afford gas for the borrowed clunker she was driving, let alone food, milk and diapers for her parenting time with the children.

Bonnie prayed from the first day she was away from her abusive ex that God would give her a good husband and father for her children. Phil had walked into the divorce care group six months later. Bonnie had been attending for a few weeks. Phil’s friend had encouraged him to go from the time his marriage had ended a year before that. He’d never taken him up on it until the night he and Bonnie met. Some would call that sweet serendipity. Bonnie called it a God-thing. From their first conversation that evening, which lasted all night at a pancake house, they were best friends. And though the spark was there nearly from the beginning, they let the romance come in God’s timing. Bonnie knew he was special and didn’t want to mess things up. Phil truly was and remained the answer to her prayers.

As she slid the red dress over her head, Bonnie whispered a prayer of thanksgiving. God, you and Phil are inextricably linked. Together, you helped me bounce back from rock bottom.

Hope you’ll come back and read the conclusion of Bonnie’s story in Post 3. Thank you!

~ Pink      Collar Coach
























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