Beautiful Birthday with My Big Fat Blended Family

Beautiful Birthday with My Big Fat Blended Family

My forty-eighth birthday made Day 68 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project a special one. Though we’ve been boating and tubing every summer since we became a modern day Brady Bunch, this was the first time we did it on a birthday. My incredible hubby is the master planner (and payer) behind this huge undertaking and blesses all of us beyond measure with the way he loves and cares for his family. My husband being thoughtful and showering me with attention on my birthday is the norm. Quite honestly, he treats me like a queen every day. So while the wonderful day on the water, flowers, and a card that was picked with such obvious intention blessed me, I wasn’t surprised. So appreciative, but not surprised.

Youngest stepson, oldest stepson (w/wife and daughter), middle stepson, husband, surrogate son, and me, the Pink Collar Coach AKA LT (for Little Tammi).

Also, my oldest stepson (and his wife and daughter), my middle stepson and my surrogate stepson started giving me cards a few years ago as the guys grew. They did so today, with funny cards and a straightforward ones, both of which touched me tremendously.

The card from my  youngest stepson? Blew. Me. Away. First of all, as far as I can recall, he’s never gotten my a birthday card on his own. He usually signs one his dad or brothers got. Second, the card’s message itself was so kind, tender and thoughtful. I would never have imagined he’d take the time to find one so beautifully written that would speak to me the way it did. And finally, the fact that he took the time to write his own personal message almost moved me (and my hubby) to tears. His love and appreciation for me was spelled out so I’d have no doubt about it. Wow.

When I married their father, the boys were 17, 15, and 12. Now they’re 24, almost 22, and 19 ( the surrogate stepson is 26). I’ve never wanted to take the place of their mother (we have the same first name but with different spellings!), but the fact that I do hold a place in their hearts is one of the best birthday gifts I could have been given.

The bible tells us that the Lord sets the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6, NIV). As a divorced mom with very young children to raise on my own and without a supportive family, I was lonely for a while. And today, while there are still so many challenges with my biological children (with their father) and my wasband ( was + husband), I could have been lonely today. NOT.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose chick second wife and stepmom, I feel especially blessed that I got to spend my birthday with my big fat blended family.

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