Pink Collar Coach’s Confessions of a Beginning Blogger – Categories and Tags

Pink Collar Coach’s Confessions of a Beginning Blogger – Categories and Tags

It’s Day 63 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I have a confession. I’m pumped (and a little embarrassed) that after two months of blogging and at least a month reading Blogging for Writers I’ve finally figured out how to add categories and tags to posts! This shouldn’t have taken nearly this long, but I always was that child who would read assembly instructions half heartedly and then try to put complicated toys like Barbie Dream Houses and Radio Flyer wagons together without following them step-by-step. Needless to say, in the long run, rather than shortening time to accomplish a task it extended it. Not to mention the frustration! I was a smart girl and my single mother and younger brother relied on me to put the Christmas toys together. Delays led to tantrums because after opening his gifts, he just wanted to get down to playing with the toys he’d been waiting on.
This could be me with my Mac Air Book covered in a pink shell. The only difference is mine has an apple where she has heart. I looked this graphic up under royalty free images, so I hope I’m alright regarding copyright laws.
I’m still smart but am a big girl now, so knowing it would be time consuming and possibly frustrating, tonight I put on my big girl pants and not only read the instructions on adding categories and tags to posts, I meticulously did just as I was instructed. Having mastered this, the sense of accomplishment I now feel far outweighs any frustration. Tantrum avoided!  The bad news is, with seventy plus posts to go back and edit, this is way overdue and will take me some time to get caught up. Once it is, I will make adding these features a part of my blogging routine. This too reminds me of when I grew up. Cleaning my room wasn’t my favorite thing to do, but being able to find my toys made playtime so much more fun that I was happy to maintain it until some child of my mother’s friends would trash it…But I digress. My point is, hopefully readers will want to spend time here because it’s easy to locate what you want to read and it’s also fun.
As a Pink Collar Savvy and Chic on Purpose chick, this blogging journey has been one of self discovery, continuous growth and development, finding my voice and my online tribe. Still, I’ve got so much further to go that I must confess, at times I feel daunted and like I’ll never be a published book author whose work makes a huge impact on its readers. Even so, for now, I’m so thankful to those of you who stop by and visit from time to time. I hope you find the inspiration and insight for your home, work, image, and lifestyles you seek here on my blog. Being able to search by categories and tags will save time and tantrums!

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