Task Lighting That Does the Job In Style

Task Lighting That Does the Job In Style

Day 63 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project was a good day design wise. Lest some question why I would post pics of lamps on a professional social media site like LinkedIn, since my target audience is Pink Collar women working on the home front or in the workplace, if I come across a decor item that is stylish and sensible, I feel compelled to share. That said, after seeing a floor light in one of Rachel Ashwell’s design books, I found a similar table top version and paid only $5 for it at Target (bottom picture) It more than earned its keep and shed light my children’s homework, mine while I was in grad school, and on whatever my husband or I happened to be reading at the time. But because the lamp was lightweight with its knob on the shade, it was always being pulled over. I’d been on the lookout for a goose neck light to replace it but rather than coming up short, any I’d found were too tall for the bookshelf that sits between our sofa and love seat and serves both.

When I spied a white goose neck practically hidden at the back of the Home Goods office decor display this afternoon, I checked the price and snatched it up for $29.99. Receipt at the ready, I slid it into place on the shelf when I got home and it fit like a glove, plus its adjustable. No receipt or returns necessary.

Goose neck white matte metal adjustable lamp with brushed bronze finials, hardware and knobs. The vignette is a study in Simply Shabby Chic decor – slipcover, pillow, coaster, candle, wicker end table and picture frame with photo taken during our Big Fat Blended Wedding.
Room Essentials dorm room lamp. It served its purpose and will find a new one elsewhere –          in my home or home away from home office.

Tonight, as my hubby and I sat with him purusing email and me blogging, the new task light illuminated our work in style. It also cast a warm glow…As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose chick, I’ve learned how important it is for women’s work spaces to be beautiful and functional. Be that space a favorite end of the sofa, a dining table that does double duty as a work station, a nightstand, a desk in our home office or our office office, the right light can not only light the work, it can make the work light.

One thought on “Task Lighting That Does the Job In Style

  1. David, thanks for liking. I love the gooseneck look! I’ve discovered it actually is a style Rachel Ashwell uses in her decor, which explains why I am drawn to it. Anything Shabby Chic speaks to me!


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