Pink Collar Coach Practicing Mindfulness

Pink Collar Coach Practicing Mindfulness

On Day 62 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, I went to walk down my stairs and almost passed the trio of Kathryn White paintings hanging on the large expanse of wall along the stairway. Up until last summer when we finally had the first floor, stairwell, upstairs landing and catwalk painted the creamy white I’d envisioned since before I remarried and moved in six years prior, I’d lived with some family photos in dated frames hung by my husband’s first wife.  When they came down for the wall painting, while my hubby may have planned to rehang them, I had other plans. When he didn’t act quickly, I took the delay as my opportunity to replace the three pics with eye candy. Cunning as my scheme was, it was almost a year before I found the right artwork for the space. At first if I made a bathroom trip during the night I’d step out into the hall and flip on the light just to gaze at all of the loveliness. Pink roses, a bird, and a butterfly against a gorgeous Shabby Chic palette.

Then I got used to it.

Life’s a beautiful ride. Slow down long enough to enjoy the view. ~ Pink Collar Coach

Isn’t that the way we are? We want something so badly while it eludes us, then when we finally have it, the novelty wears off to the degree that we almost forget the thing we worked, searched, saved and even prayed for is right there before our very eyes and we don’t even see it anymore.

Nearly passing this picture by and then stopping to truly see it again caused me to grab my phone so I could capture it as a scrap of sun shown through some clouds to provide just enough light. As a Pink Collar Savvy and Chic on Purpose chick, I don’t want to speed through life. I want to be mindful of the beauty around me. Practicing mindfulness keeps me aware of, and in awe of, the Artist who created it all.


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