Savvy Shopping Series – A Few of My Favorite Faith-based Finds

Savvy Shopping Series – A Few of My Favorite Faith-based Finds

It’s Day 88 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, and it may be the earliest I’ve ever posted. I’ve looked forward to sharing some of the resale items I scored Saturday, and after taking advantage of the daylight to photograph them, I couldn’t wait to post. Though I spent little money, I got a lot of stuff, so I’m sharing them in a short series. All of these lovingly curated treasures have a few things in common: faith-based/spiritual theme, gold or bronze accents, and found a home in my bedroom. The fact that they’re Shabby Chic inspired is a given!

This is one of my favorite finds of the day. The girl’s attire is quintessentially Shabby Chic.       The boy and girl remind me of my son and daughter. They now live on my dresser. The faith-based piece? Seeing them is a reminder to pray for my children. I used a Sharpie to cover the word Viet Nam. That it’s still visible is ok, since my father was a veteran. 


Though I shared the photo of the praying hands and mug yesterday, I wanted to capture the entire vignette to demonstrate how resale items can be incorporated with what you already have. The shadow box is a TJMaxx find I’ve had for years and the hankie was a wedding gift from my sister-in-law, who embroidered my name. The Shabby Chic vintage-look sign with the bronze lettering was purchased at my local grocery store for $12 when I was newly divorced.    Savvy & Chic style on shoe string!
Again, though I’ve shared photos of my Shabby-Chic-ed succulents, I was thrilled to find this angel to replace one I lost when I married my husband and moved. At $2, the fact that she is brass ties in perfectly with the other brass accents. And the $1 pot with the flowers fit the stand perfectly, even though I didn’t intend to use it that way.                                                                       Being open to new uses is key to resale /repurposing success. Now, she’s Angel of the Succulents. 


At $1, this beauty was a steal. The pink and purple make it very Shabby Chic, however, the brown outline makes it a tad masculine. I found a home for it above my hubby’s night stand. He’s an amazing man of faith and doesn’t need the reminder, but can appreciate it all the same.      Besides, call me old fashioned, but I still love to hang plates on the wall as decor. 

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who believes women crave beauty, comfort and function, not only in our homes, but in our work spaces as well, I hope you are inspired to scout out some inspirational decor for your home or office. Work on the home-front or in the workplace can drive us to our knees. If we surround ourselves with beautiful, inspirational things, rather than loose our minds, we’ll be able to keep the faith.


Savvy & Chic Resale Retail Therapy

Savvy & Chic Resale Retail Therapy

Day 86 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project whizzed by yesterday and ended with me nodding off before I could post. That was actually a good thing because it meant the girl time spent with one of my dearest friends did the trick. Early morning Zumba, breakfast, a long treasure hunt at Goodwill, and hosting a small alfresco family dinner on my back deck freed my mind from some of the things that have been troubling me enough that I could sleep.

Me, Pink Collar Coach seeing life through rose colored glasses – literally. Time me with a true Shopping Soul Sister reminded me that the thrill of the hunt should still include resale shops,    my first home decor shopping love, not just TJ Maxx! Calvin Klein glasses, dress, belt, handbag and comfortable slides for power treasure hunting.

After a good night’s rest, I awoke on Day 87 thankful for my friend and my finds! I love taking someone else’s trash and turning it into treasure. God does too, as Joel Osteen reminded me this morning. He can turn a great mess into greatness. So, I got it from my Daddy!

Beautiful vignette I created – ceramic praying hands with small rose buds – $2 at my local Goodwill. So Shabby Chic! As is the mug with  a  spiritual spin on Keep Calm and Carry On.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kibby in her fun cowgirl chic. Rachel Ashwell, the founder of Shabby Chic, who often sports a cowgirl hat and boots while treasure hunting would approve. 

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick whose long-time dream is to curate inspirational items that inspire women’s home and work spaces, yesterday was a return to my decorating roots. Though I’ve come a long way from the young woman who scoured resale shops and flea markets out of necessity and love, I’m still the same woman who has always found true beauty in the things that others have discarded or not noticed.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been discarded by some or not noticed by others. It makes me thankful that I was sought and lovingly found by my heavenly Father. My husband. And my friends, like Kibby who invited me to lunch when I was new girl in the office. Instantaneously we learned that we’re kindred spirits in the truest sense. We love the Lord, our families, our friends, and a good healthy session of resale retail therapy.


Pink Collar Coach Keeping Calm and Riding On – Debut Novel Releases January 2018

Pink Collar Coach Keeping Calm and Riding On – Debut Novel Releases January 2018

It’s Day 85 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and life has bucked and tried to throw me. This happened to me last week, literally, when the horse I was riding, Piper, started to gallop unexpectedly and almost threw me off. Like then, rather than letting my fear take over, I’m trying to remain calm and am holding on to the saddle to keep me upright and secure.

According to Wikipedia, “The saddle is a supportive structure for a rider (or other load).” My supportive structure is my faith in Jesus Christ, my friends, and the family I chose rather than the one I was born into. I’m holding on to them for dear life. And it is dear. Despite the unexpected, the bumps, the muddy spots, the rocky terrain, the gut-wrenching, the heart-breaking, and the unfathomable hurt, pain, and suffering. This ride we call life is still dear. So I won’t succumb to anything that’s thrown in the way to knock me off the path. Though Satan try to slay me, still, I’ll follow. My Savior. My purpose.

I took a picture of this metal sign that was hung in the office of the stable owner. When I didn’t include it in my post about that day, I felt I’d missed an opportunity. Now I realize God had it on reserve for me to use in this post. He always knows what I need and provides. Crazy as it sounds, it’s giving me strength to continue my journey.

Rachel Ashwell, mother of the             Shabby Chic movement, made Britain’s “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan from War World II popular. Now it has all kinds of variations. This is a new favorite.

And it’s an amazing one. As of today, while grieving the bittersweet end of one journey, I received the contract for my debut novel to be published. God never ends a chapter without starting another… Seasons of Her Soul will be released in January 2018. The heroin, Lee Gallagher, is well acquainted with being thrown and getting back in the saddle…In sharing her journey, I’ll finally be an author. All praise and glory to God, the Author and Finisher of our faith. I’m so thankful He’s still writing my story.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick, who believes the purpose in any of my pain is to coach, encourage and inspire other women to live their best lives, I hope this post and this slogan does that for you…Whatever your journey. Wherever you are in your  story. Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Soul Sisters, whether you’re on the home-front, the workplace or both, we’ve all got something in common with the women who came before us. We’ve all got our own trail to braze. So let’s saddle up our horses. It’s not time to be thrown by fear, heartbreak, or whatever obstacles we face. It’s time to keep calm and ride on.

~ Pink Collar Coach

Showing Succulents Some Shabby Chic Love

Showing Succulents Some Shabby Chic Love

It’s Day 84 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Project, and I’ve shown the deck off our second-floor bedroom enough love that it’s become a cozy place to read and write if I don’t want to sit on the front porch or the back deck. I’d posted a few pictures when I first found this gorgeous peacock chair at TJ Maxx and I’d borrowed the plastic floor mats from the front porch until I could find the right rug for this space, but now, with its own rug and a brass table that are weather-resistant, it feels finished, especially since the table plays well with the brass on the light fixture that was already there. The wicker-look chest stores the Simply Shabby Chic pillow and chair cushion when not in use and makes it a comfortable and functional space.

Still, I needed to bring the pretty. Never would I have guessed it would come in the form of succulents. They’ve become so popular lately, but I really wasn’t a fan. That was until I found a way to Shabby Chic them. When I spotted miniature pink pots at TJ Maxx (of course), I filled them with sage green succulents that bring out the soft green in the chair.  So pretty! Now the space is not only comfortable and functional, it’s beautiful too.



Pink miniature pots with sage green succulents that I cut down with my garden clippers to fit. Now they are perfectly Shabby Chic.


These seashells go back about twenty years. The large conch shell  in the back is shaped perfectly to serve as a barrier so the pots won’t blow off the deck on windy days. Like it was designed for the job! The purple succulents are in my Shabby Chic palette.
I’ve had this Wardian case terrarium for years and it had been sitting idle for a while. Again, though I don’t love succulents on their own, when placed in miniature white pots that fit my Shabby Chic aesthetic, they grew on me and the case got put to good use again. 
Gazing balls are a common theme in my outdoor decorating and this white one softens the brown deck stain. They’re meant to reflect the flowers in a garden, so I was thrilled when I found these gold “succulents” with white blooms that pull the bronze over from the light fixture and table. The bohemian pattern on the white pots softens the contemporary look and makes them fit my Shabby Chic style. They also go well with the pattern in the rug.
The view from my peacock chair perch. Love it all except for the unsightly dumpster that was delivered THE DAY I finished decorating. I could have cropped it but wanted to show how the seashells tie in with the shell fixture hanging opposite. At any rate,  now I’ll have a birds’ eye view of the debris from the house next door’s renovation project. Ugh…Hopefully demo will go quickly so it can go away.

With everything pulled together, I have a serene sanctuary that is an extension of the one I’ve created inside. Well, it will be serene once the demo next door is done. Looking on the bright side, it will be fun part for me to watch the house undergo its transformation.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who adores decorating, it’s always been my dream to share my home with others. I know my style isn’t for everyone, but I hope some will be inspired, if not to replicate what I’ve done, to at least be intentional about making all the spaces in your someplace and/or workspace not only comfortable and  functional, but beautiful as well. Sometimes that requires being open to new things or using items differently than everyone else.  Succulents can be used to create vignettes at home and even to bring a bit of nature into the office. They’re low or no maintenance, depending on real or artificial. I love that I can leave them outside and am so pleasantly surprised by how lovely I find the them. Now that they’ve been Shabby-Chic-ed of course!

~Pink Collar Coach


Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Style Sense – Dress to Impress – For the Position You Want, Not the One You Have

Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Style Sense – Dress to Impress – For the Position You Want, Not the One You Have

Where are you on the              Dress to Impress Continuum?

Though Day 83 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project has technically passed, I’d like to share how the day’s image consultation reinforced the importance of dressing to impress in our careers. When seeking a new position or a promotion, I’ve found it pays to dress for the role you want instead of simply dressing for the one you have. Not only have I seen the benefits of this practice in my own career in the education, corporate and non-profit sectors, as an Image Consultant, I’ve watched smart, competent, qualified women whose professional packaging didn’t match those qualities be passed over time and again. By being savvy and chic about their professional sense of style, however, these same women have not only been promoted, they’ve experienced advanced acceleration in their careers.

When I was made homeless by my abusive wasband (was + husband), I literally had no clothes but the ones on my back. Another woman who understood the importance of having a good suit for interviewing purchased one for me. She also paid for me to have my hair done. I’ll forever be grateful to her for the boost to my confidence and esteem…

After making a whirlwind return to the workforce and working nine months (I called it a school year)  as a pre-K teacher in an early childhood center so my toddler and preschool children could go to work with me, I maximized my business degree and Elementary Education degrees to land my then dream job as a Kinder Care Director (90% discount on tuition – Hello!). When I interviewed with the recruiter for the Assistant Director opening, I wore the suit. My friend, now husband, questioned why I’d wear a suit to work in a child care center. “Because I’m dressing for the Director job I want.” And sure enough, the recruiter called the district manager and told her, “This one’s Director in Training material.” Soon after that, I was flown to Minnesota and driven by limousine to interview for a directorship at Childtime.  Mind you – I was living in subsidized housing by then and driving a disreputable van that I had to park out of sight for interviews. But I didn’t look like that. I looked like a Director. So I received offers from the world’s two largest corporate child care providers in the airport on my way home to the projects. When I told KinderCare I was going to go with Childtime, the Director in Training role became  Director position. Not all because of the suit, but largely because of it. I’d like to think I had a little something to do with it and I know God’s hand was all over it.

Another example of dressing to impress in order to get the role you want is with one of my image consultation clients who was one of the most valuable players on her team who helped the attorneys to get their jobs done. Her professional packaging was doing her no favors and her contributions went unnoticed. Following our initial consultation where we revamped her work wardrobe so her outside was an accurate reflection of her inner rockstar, she was no longer invisible and began to receive the recognition she deserved. Then, when we completed a makeover so she could run for a high level position in Toastmasters, she exceeded everyone’s expectations by being elected to and excelling in that high responsibility/visibility role. Again, the clothes and makeup didn’t get her the position, her hard work did, but they didn’t hurt her either.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick who loves dressing just to dress, I love dressing women and addressing their sense of style barriers just as much. Doing so today was incredibly rewarding. And so much fun! My Pink Collar Savvy & Chic client has already made so many investments in her professional development. I can’t wait to watch her advance as she maximizes her new sense of style and dresses to impress so she can land the job she wants and live her best professional life.

What about you? Where are you on the dress to impress continuum? Whether you’re on the home front, in the workplace or both, do you need to own your sense of style to put your best foot forward and feel your best? I’d love to support you. Please email me to schedule a complimentary assessment. Thank you!

~Pink Collar Coach



























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Pink Collar Coach Feeling Like a Shero

Pink Collar Coach Feeling Like a Shero

My purpose in life is to maximize my unique God-given strengths to coach, encourage, and inspire women to live live their best lives, all to the glory of God. The fact that this special man came to trust God and surrender control of his life to Him somewhere along his journey brings glory big time! And it reminds me that although my heart is to help women, serving as a powerful change agent in the life of a male is also a worthy endeavor.
As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick, I’m to use my coaching superpowers to be a shero for the good of all.
What about you? What is your superpower? How are you using it to be a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Shero? At home? At work?
~Pink Collar Coach
Pink Collar Savvy & Chic HGTV Star Joanna Gaines Slams the Rumors

Pink Collar Savvy & Chic HGTV Star Joanna Gaines Slams the Rumors

Joanna Gaines dressed in Shabby Chic style. Dreamy. Photo from pop

Day 81 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic  on Purpose Project was a rollercoaster ride. With a lot of important personal and professional phone and face-to-face meetings on my agenda, I didn’t expect the ugly rumor weed to rear its ugly head in the middle of my day with all kinds of allegations about a woman who exemplifies everything Pink Collar Savvy & Chic.  If you’ve ever read one of my posts on a Tuesday night, it’s usually written as I watch Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip on HGTV’s hit show Fixer Upper. 

My love affair with interior design began when I was a little girl and it lead me to earn my first degree in that field. Then, straight out of college, I worked as a designer for one of Cincinnati’s then premier design firms. I landed some A-list clients and loved that part of the job but hated selling things, which caused me to return to school for my teaching degree. Even so over the last twenty-five years, I’ve always done freelance work and then launched Pink Collar Savvy & Chic, which includes interior design consultation services.

All that to say, Joanna Gaines is a girl after my own heart. Add the fact that she’s a faith-filled woman of God and that makes her my Sister in Christ. Receiving an email full of rumors that she was  fired for breaking her contract, had been hiding things from Chip about her dealings and was making statements about HGTV holding her back didn’t ring true to me. Still, the email caused me to do some research, all of which seemed to indicate that there might be some truth to the rumors.

That is until I came upon the article below from The Christian Post. In it, Joanna Gaines refuted all of the rumors in this and other articles written by the same online newspaper about this trending topic.

Source: ‘Fixer Upper’ Star Joanna Gaines Slams Rumors of Her Leaving the Show for New Career

The designer is requesting help from fans to stop the rumor by way of sharing the posts containing the truth via social media. And I’m a HUGE fan.

I’ve been one since I watched the pilot episode back in October of 2013. If I remember correctly, it came on about 1AM. I was up because I’d just had a hysterectomy and was on  what was supposed to be a six-week medical leave. Due to complications, it turned into nine weeks. Watching that episode may have been the first time I was able to focus on something other than my constant pain. And everything I’ve seen and read of Joanna Gaines, including her book, The Magnolia Story has inspired me – as a woman of God, wife, mom, creative spirit, designer, blogger. She even sports a plaid shirt with such style that she’s got me wearing them! That fact alone speaks to how influential she’s been in my my life. Joanna is multiracial with Lebanese, German and Korean in the mix. As a dark-haired, dark-eyed girl who is a bit of a melting pot myself, I LOVE how she owns her unique beauty and sense of style. And whether you have any interest in design or not, it’s pretty hard not to notice the phenomena she (and Chip) are. Just check online, media, bookstores, furniture retailers, etc.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Chick, I hope you’ll join me in helping another one to by reading/liking/sharing/reposting this blog post and/or the above link. We’ve all been a victim of rumors ourselves at one time or another. Let’s spread the truth to slam the ones about our Savvy & Chic Soul Sister. I’d appreciate it and know she will too. Thank you!

~Pink Collar    Coach