Pink Collar Praise for Papas

Pink Collar Praise for Papas

Big Fat Blended Family – Me, Pink Collar Coach, youngest stepson, middle stepson, daughter-in-law, grand-daughter (I’m not Grandma – I’m Mimi!) and oldest stepson. Patriarch not pictured.                                                            

Day 50 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project fell on Father’s Day, AKA The Day Dad Gets to Pick and Pay Day. In our big fat blended family, my incredible husband gets to pick (or at least suggest) a restaurant (he’s usually outnumbered), and the day’s activity. Most of the time this translates to he gets to go where the most opinionated decide and then gets to pay for everyone. This year, my oldest stepson suggested a pricey place, and since he’s also a dad and was being honored, his preference was the winner.

I have to give the younger of these two dads props though because when the bill came, he slid over a twenty, insisted we take it when his dad balked, and then shamed his brothers into helping cover the tip. Though I’m glad he manned up in this area today, every time I watch him parent his four-year-old daughter it is  proud stepmom moment. I met his dad when he was fourteen and married him when he was nineteen, so I’ve watched him go from being a pretty belligerent teenager to being the best young dad I’ve ever seen. I tell him that often and emphasized it today.

Then there’s my sweet hubby. He’s such an amazing father, husband and man of God. He’s also a talented golfer and has passed his love, knowledge and skill in the game on to his sons. That being the case, our crew, which ranges from age four to sixty-two (my twelve and thirteen-year-old young son and daughter were with their father), were in agreement with Putt Putt. Amidst lots of antics and good-natured ribbing, it did my wife heart good to watch my stepsons give their dad props when he made a hole-in-one on the most challenging of the course. I met my husband when we were both going through it with our divorces and we thought that was the worst obstacle course we’d ever face. Were we ever wrong!

I’m no golfer – I can barely hit the ball, but with the same calm, deliberate, infinitely patient concern and love he shows me with everything else, including the worst life can throw at us, with a steady hand and unwavering devotion my husband guided me through the course. He’s not only the best father I’ve ever seen, he’s shown me what a good husband, a good man, a good man of God, is. He’s a lot older than me, though he doesn’t look or act like it. His care and protection of our family reminds me of my dad and of my heavenly Father. My dad’s been gone sixteen years, but I got a part of him back in my husband. They would have been friends.

My husband is not pictured here. He seldom is. My middle stepson and I both told him today that we don’t want to look back on all the pictures and not have him in any to remember him by. He finally agreed to let another putt-putter snap a shot, but not before he got his own. He’s stubborn. And so humble. The picture with him in it is beautiful, but he insists he doesn’t want to be seen on my blog.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose proud stepmom and wife, I’ll honor his desire not to be pictured in a post, but I will praise this great “like father like son” papa pair and the gracious, merciful Father who set me and my children in this family.

Happy Father’s Day!

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