Savvy & Chic Simple Summer Snack

Savvy & Chic Simple Summer Snack

Day 48 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project was a beautiful summer day, so what better way to celebrate the end of the work week than with a fresh, easy to make, summer snack? I don’t know how or where I first had Bruschetta (pronounced Brusketta), but considering my love of tomatoes – sliced with salt and pepper, fried green ones, and V8 (I could easily drink my weight in the stuff!), it was love at first bite. So a few summers ago, when the kiddos and I were home and I was too under the weather to make a trek to the grocery store or even the drive thru, I improvised and substituted Texas Toast for baguettes toasted with olive, used a cheap can of diced tomatoes, and topped it all off with inexpensive grated Parmesan cheese. With a sprinkling of pepper and a dash of salt, I gave my makeshift Bruschetta a try and you guessed it. Love at first bite again.

As much as I love my work, this is one of those weeks when I was ready for the weekend.  Add in some health concerns with a loved one and I needed a night on the deck, a good book, a refreshing cold drink (Ginger ale is my only ale and I don’t usually have it since I seldom drink soda), and my Bruschetta and this little bit of simple sustenance hit the spot.

A simple summer snack served on a Simply Shabby Chic plate.                                                             And flowers make any meal a lovely experience. 

Sitting down outside with my simple summer snack caused me to slow down and be mindful of the beauty around me and to be thankful for the taste of tomatoes. And that mad me thankful for the One who provided them, which caused me to be thankful for the cheap can of tomatoes and the sometimes stressful but always fulfilling job that enables me to purchase them. And then I get to take a pretty picture and write about it all…Being Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose has provided so much pleasure. Who would have believed I’d be filled with praise because of a simple summer snack?

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