More Inspirational Decor

More Inspirational Decor

Left to right: She believed she could, so she did mug, pictures of my Irish twins propped against wall (color is one of our agency’s logo colors), Willow Tree Angels by Susan Lordi, a floral arrangement I’ve had for nearly 20 years, and You are a courageous woman mug. 

Yesterday’s post was inspired by my office decor, and today, on Day 47 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, I’m blogging about this once more. Writing, for the most part is a pretty solitary activity. Apart from social media, it seems many bloggers and aspiring writers would have little interaction with their readers. I crave that connection but am still trying to find my blogger’s persona and voice. That being the case, though yesterday’s post on how to bring more dream into our jobs seemed to fall pretty flatter reader/response wise, I’m back at it – simply writing from my heart in the hopes that someone out there – on the home front or the workplace will find something of value in what I share.

If possible, today in my office was even busier than yesterday. With so much traffic, all of the positive responses to my office decor and its ability to positively impact whoever enters, was a confirmation that it is as it should be. So many people came in and expressed how the space lifts their spirits and motivates them. And while males are in and out, much of my decor and life’s purpose is focused on women. That being said, I want anyone who enters to feel as though the positive messages are meant for them – female or male.

I collect inspirational mugs, and two of my favorites are displayed atop one of two large filing cabinets behind my desk. The first, which I bought for myself, simply states: She believed she could, so she did. The other, given as a gift from one of my  Soul Sisters says, You are a courageous woman. Not only do these uplift those who spend time in  my office,  they inspire me daily. I hope they’ll inspire you as well.

Based on the positive comments the decor elicits, along with inquiries about where to purchase (TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and occasionally Target), I suspect there are other Pink Collar Savvy & Chic women (or men) who’d like their work spaces, be they in the home or office, to be inspirational. In addition, the volume of inspirational office decor for sale seems to speak of demand. So go ahead and add some to your space on purpose. And if you already have some, perhaps it’s time for more inspirational decor!


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