Pink Collar Manic Monday

Pink Collar Manic Monday

Day 44 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project was so much fun because my hubby got involved. We had a  manic Monday today with me being off in the morning to take care of some personal business and then going to a long overdue doctor’s appointment to get my asthma under control. I went to work in between and got to show my hubby my new office digs. Following the doctor’s appointment (being able to breathe is a good thing!), I worked remotely for a while and got tons done in the parking lot without distractions and even caught up on some personal matters. Getting home early enough to catch the daylight is rare for me, so before changing for Zumba, I asked hubby to assist with my blogging by taking this picture.

Royal blue rules! Scoop neck sleeveless top paired and horizontal stripe fly away shrug with lapels. Black stretch pencil skirt. Strappy heeled sandals and cobalt blue bag. All Calvin Klein. The gorgeous Aubusson rug was an Ebay purchase from back in my newly divorced Town House days. I didn’t really have  the $130 to spend at the time but knew it was a lifetime investment. 

This outfit was great for running around in the heat. All of the fabrics are stretchy polyester (not your mother’s) and rayon blends that don’t wrinkle. The shrug dresses it up enough for professional meetings and is removable when outside. The straps on the heels mirror those on the shrug and the bag is perfect for stashing all the essentials. Fun OPI nail color by me. I’ve NEVER had a manicure and am proud of it. I’d rather spend my $ elsewhere – like on the needlepoint Aubusson rug!

After taking the picture, it was awesome just having some time to slow down and just be with my sweet hubby. We have always talked SO much! And I’m relieved because those couples in restaurants who don’t have a word to say to one another make me incredibly sad…Nearing the end of the evening, I had a long, earnest conversation with my son, then a hilarious one with my neighbor, who had a pretty manic Monday herself. As much as these conversations came at the end of a day where I felt at one point like I could just lay down and sleep until the next morning, apart from providing support to some individuals while in at work, they are the really important things I accomplished today.

As a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose employee, wife, mother, friend, fashionista, and Christ follower- not in that order, today I realized, even if my Mondays are manic, making time for what matters  – to live out my purpose of using my God given talents to coach, encourage and inspire women (and the occasional guy) on the home front and in the workplace is all that really matters.

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