Pink Collar Pick Me Up

Pink Collar Pick Me Up

Forty days and forty nights. That’s how long I’ve been blogging daily as part of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project. I’ve experienced so much joy associated with writing and trying to figure out my writing voice, taking photos, figuring out some of the technical aspects of blogging and connecting with a few in the blogosphere and through other social media platforms. I’m totally honest, it’s also been a time where personal and professional challenges have made me feel like Noah on the Ark. The forty days and forty nights mark is one that can cause even the most faithful servant to feel a little weary in trying to do well. I must have subconsciously been praying for a dove or an olive branch this morning because one of my  newest team members (formerly called Life Coaches – I’m still processing that and may blog about later), brought me just that.


Quite unexpectedly, she bequeathed me with this lovely carved figurine, crafted by an artisan whose work she loves. Carrie was there to shadow me in a session but before we got started, she told me she’d brought me something that didn’t have to hang on a wall (the walls in my new office are already maxed out).  Carrie is a almost equal parts casual business chic and bohemian, so the fact that she pulled the gift out of her suede tasseled bag endeared her to me even more. Explaining that I am The Healer, the title typed on a label on the back, she read, “She is a mixture of wisdom, wit and woo, of sympathetic disposition, a love of her work, and a committed servant in both the spiritual and physical world.” There was also a bit about being knowledgeable about plants and their properties but that part so does not apply to me! All in all though, what a lovely description that does sound like me – or at least the best version of me. What a pick me up!

I’m so honored that Carrie sees me this way. And because I’m a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose kinda girl who subconsciously prays for a sign that I’m valued for being all the things typed on a piece of paper attached to an unexpected gift, given by someone who wanted to bless me, and DID, I’ll take the Pink Collar pick me up.

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