Pink Collar Chicks Celebrate His Purple Majesty’s Bday at Work

Pink Collar Chicks Celebrate His Purple Majesty’s Bday at Work

On Day 38 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, this Pink Collar Chick celebrated what would have been Prince’s 58th birthday. Why, you may ask, would I post about this and share on a professional site like LinkedIn? My answer: Though I wasn’t consciously aware Prince was born June 7th, last night as I staged my outfit (and posted it), my heart knew as was reflected in the little purple triangles on my shirt.  They resembled those on the sign that at one time represented Prince while he wasn’t using his name. Furthermore, my emotional response to Prince’s life and death is echoed by many in my personal and work worlds, especially the friend I found in my office when I was only expecting friendliness.

When this friend heard during her lunch break that Prince had died last April 21st, she called me and rocked my world. Still, she was the best person to tell me because she understood how it would impact me. It hit me SO hard. But I wasn’t the only one. The next day members of our Board and the community were onsite for a meeting and couldn’t start it for reminiscing about Prince. Since that day, my friend and I have cried, laughed, blasted the music, re-watched Purple Rain, sang, worn purple, and danced in remembrance and celebration of the one whose music was the soundtrack to some of the best days of our lives (Generation X). So in March, when this friend heard about an MJ vs. Prince Dance Off Party (she loved Prince but is still gaga over Michael), we hurried to purchase our VIP tickets so we could celebrate in style. Our posh seats served us well for the first hour or so, then went to waste when we went down, hit the dance floor front stage and center and never left it until the club closed at 3AM!

And we represented our agency well: I walked away with the Best Dancer of the Night trophy and my friend, with her authentic MJ belt and glove had the best MJ costume.

Pink Collar Coach – Best Dancer &                                                                                                             Her Purple Majesty (a stranger but soul sister Prince lover) – Best Prince Costume.
Pink Collar Coach with work BFF – Best MJ Costume.

Today, our local DJ’s honored Prince all day by playing a steady mix of his hits. And my work friend and I sang and celebrated while we worked. You see, our love for Prince is tied to his love of life. He loved life and eeked every bit of joy out of it. He got it. So do my work BFF and I. That’s why on his birthday, we were two Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Prince and life loving chicks.

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