Pink Collar Gardening Lessons

Pink Collar Gardening Lessons

On Day 35 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, my garden taught me a lessons about my personal and professional life. Since I married my husband seven years ago this summer, it’s been a tradition that he and my children take me shopping for flowers for the porch and decks on Mother’s Day. This year, a few weeks before that  we were looking for something to do for our date night and he suggested going to pick them out then. I spent a great deal of time searching for blooms in my favorite shades of pink but ended up going a little deeper shade to coordinate with some gorgeous mosaic rose pots I scored at TJMaxx. I’m a container gardner and love to put flowers in pretty pots. The ground, ah, not so much…That night it poured rain and was so windy I not only couldn’t put the flowers in the pots, we had to set them against the house to keep from blowing over. That was only the first of a series of unfortunate events to befall the flowers, including some light snow if I remember correctly and I know there was some wicked frost. The unseasonable weather made me regret our early purchase when the flowers had to come inside and lost their blooms.

In fact, up until this week, I was ready to return them. After all, we’d taken precautionary measures and sheltered the flowers from the elements and yet they appeared to have died anyway. Thankfully, my neighbor, whose thumb is a little greener than mine assured me, “They’re still nice and green. They’ll bloom come June 1.” She also felt around in my window box, which tends to get overlooked since it hangs on the shed  and is out of sight and therefore out of mind) and declared more soil was needed. Before I could retrieve a sack, she told me one of her triplets (a Boy Scout) would take care of it and water the flower box as well. Finally she reminded me to prune the dead heads. Doubtful given the sad state my flowers looked to be in, I told my husband “If they don’t bloom by the 1st, they’re going back.”  Still I did as she suggested and her son added the soil and watered unbeknownst to me. And lo and behold what happened on June 1 exactly just as she foretold:

Profusion of pink.   
Pretty petunias. 


So proud of my shadow box I went out in my PJs and snapped a pic for this post. When I moved in there was a piece of wood where a window box should be mounted but had long been missing. This one was brown when I found it but it got a white wash      Shabby Chic makeover.

You could have blown me over with how these flowers bloomed after I’d just about written them off. Here are the personal and professional lessons to be gleaned from the  garden:

  • Pruning is a continuous process that peels away the old to make room for the new.
  • With some attention, care and nurturing, even things that may have seemed past their prime will produce.
  • The potential and promise of the initial bloom may be hidden but will blossom in due season.

For Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Soul Sisters these lessons could translate as: 1) Let go of something that’s no longer serving you well and take on something that will, like a new hobby at home or stretch assignment at work. 2) Be intentional about developing your hobbies at home, like creating art or music and/or investing in professional development opportunities to grow your capacity at work. 3) You may not feel like it will ever happen, but you can have the life you dream of and/or reach your career goals.

Like my garden teaches, you will bloom.

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