Sleepless Night & Reading by Phone Light

Sleepless Night & Reading by Phone Light

It’s Day 31 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I felt the after effects of a sleepless night all day today. Last night, after writing a blog that not a soul appears to have read, I went to bed fully expecting to sleep following a busy holiday weekend. Instead, I was up and down with a combination of allergies, asthma, hives (caused by freaking out because I wasn’t getting sleep) and just wanting to read about how to get people to read my blog since I couldn’t sleep anyway. Somehow I figured reading by phone light wasn’t as bad as by bedside lamp, so that’s what I did until about 2:30AM. I slept maybe two hours and was up until after work.

The bad news is, I got sick at work today because I was so exhausted (plus the allergies and asthma), I almost had to leave but managed to avoid that since I’m moving my office (more on that tomorrow), then I came home and slept through Zumba and some important calls on an upcoming women’s workshop. The good news is, I’m reading and learning how to be a better blogger – and how get my target audience – Pink Collar women – inside and outside the workplace – to read.

So I suppose, even though I had a sleepless night reading by the phone light, I was still Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose.

A good informational read. Too good. It kept me up much of the night. 


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