Pink Collar Coach and Proud of It

Pink Collar Coach and Proud of It

On Day 26 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, I’m so proud to be known as the Pink Collar Coach. Before 2012, I didn’t really know what coaching was. Three jobs back I was working at an agency I loved as  a Family and Community Services Specialist and Training Consultant and applied for a position in another department. Instead of getting that position, I was offered a position as a Leadership Coach. For twenty years, since earning my Bachelor’s in Education, I’d dreamed of getting a Master’s and up to that point thought it would be in Adult Education with Technology. The only problem was, every time I thought about working all day, coming home to a big fat blended family with all that entails and then struggling through online courses that dealt with technology, of which I wasn’t a fan at the time, I just couldn’t see it. Then book on coaching was placed in my hands during Leadership Coach orientation and I thought, Where has this been all of my life? 

After twenty years of putting it off, I was in school within a year and had completed my Master’s in Leadership and Coaching with an Executive Coaching Certificate, fifteen months later. The night I hit submit on my final assignment, I praised the Lord, did the happy dance and then told my children. They celebrated as much as a ten and eleven-year-old could – “That’s great mommy”- and then went back to Minecraft. My hubby wasn’t home, so I drove to the gas station, something I really NEVER do on a Sunday night but did then to avoid getting up even earlier to go on my way to work the next morning. God had a shout out waiting for me as I pulled up behind the car at the pump. My kiddos may not have known how to celebrate, but my Father does!


Gleeful as I was to be a GRADUATE, between leaving my Leadership Coach job to go work for the state where I’d hoped I could really use my coach skills, then leaving when it just wasn’t the best fit for me, attending the actual ceremony just wasn’t a priority. Nor was getting the paper degree as I searched for and landed my dream job. Recently however,  request for a copy of everyone’s college degrees from my employer prompted me to finally make the request for it to be mailed. What a great reward to come home to!


Especially following a Commencement Ceremony for my agency’s most recent set of graduates, who have reaped the benefits of coaching. This Pink Collar Savvy & Chic woman couldn’t be more proud of them or of being the Pink Collar Coach.

Me, the Pink Collar Coach, in gray on left                                                                                          w/Commenced March 2107 Cohort, staff, and my team of  Super Supporters!

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