Prolific Life-Changing Power – Expert Power

Prolific Life-Changing Power – Expert Power

It’s Day 23 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I’m amazed and humbled that I’ve been able to write daily this consistently. At one time in my life, that was the norm, but having gone through some things that thwarted my desire to blog, this special season in my life feels like an awakening. Since I was a little girl, I’ve known I wanted to write and be a published author. And I’ve made half of that dream come true. In May of 2010, I finished my first novel, Seasons of Her Soul. Writing it during my summers off only (I was a teacher), it took me fifteen years to complete. Now I’ve had it edited and am preparing to submit a proposal to a publishing house. Getting a book accepted or even seen by a publisher is NOT an easy task. Having gotten some guidance from an expert in writing and actually publishing books helps.

Expert Power

Last night I wrapped up blogging about the three types of  leadership power that fall under the Formal Power category. Those are coercive, legitimate, and reward power. Tonight in continuing this Pink Collar Power series and introducing Personal Power, it’s a pleasure to use Karen Kingsbury as an example of expert power.  Expert power comes from having experience, knowledge and training acquired through a career or in a specific field. Those with expertise in a particular subject matter are referred to as SMEs -subject matter experts. Over a decade ago, Karen Kingsbury, a prolific author, who has sold millions of Life-Changing Fiction novels was named The Queen of Christian Fiction. With her journalism degree, experience as a journalist, and subsequent talent for writing tight, this Pink Collar phenomenon writes stories about real life and develops characters so fully that readers can see themselves in them. Faith is the common thread woven through all of her work and this is done in way that appeals to the masses, not just Christian readers. I want to be her when I grow up!

Not only is Karen an expert in writing and publishing books, she is a devoted wife and mother of six, and now a mother-in-law and grandmother. Three of her five sons were adopted from Haiti where the family has done missions work. Karen lives out the faith she writes about in her personal life. And she is as beautiful – inside and out, as one would expect her to be. She uses her position of power as an expert to be a positive influence and role model to her loved ones. As much as she is beloved by her adoring family and fans, she is humble and gives credit to her Creator for her incredible creative gifts.

Me, The Pink Collar Coach, with Karen Kingsbury, The Queen of Christian Fiction,                             at A Girls’ Night Out Event. I finished my signed copy of her latest book in one sitting.

It was such an epic pleasure for me to meet one of the Pink Collar women I admire most in the world. We were able to talk and she asked me to email her when I’m ready to publish. She was so genuinely warm, helpful, and indeed an expert on how to get my work seen by a publisher.  I’m thrilled, thrilled, I tell you, that I did email her and got a response. Karen shared what my next steps should be and I’m going to heed every word she said. Once again, I’m humbled.

I believe Karen understands what all of us Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose women would do well to remember: Even though we may have expert power, those in the workplace or in our homes don’t care what we know until they know that we care. So let’s become Pink Collar SMEs on caring…

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