Pink Collar Petite and Powerful – Legitimate Power

Pink Collar Petite and Powerful – Legitimate Power

It’s Day 21 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, so if research is accurate, with three consecutive weeks of writing under my belt, I’ve formed a habit. Blogging daily has become a part of my daily routine, and no matter what else I have going on, like a family birthday party today, it’s not that I feel I have to blog, but I want to. And I’m definitely excited about this post as it is a continuation of the a series on Pink Collar Power. Legitimate power is the second type of power that falls under the formal power category. This type of power is positional in that it comes with the position held in the organizational hierarchy. Even so, in order for the leader to be able to use legitimate power effectively, it must be seen to have been legitmately earned.

Recently, I purchased the Season 1 of PBS Masterpiece’s series on Queen Victoria’s life.

It is simply titled Victoria.

Shabby Chic colors and style.

 Though Queen Victoria’s legitimate power derived from her position in England’s monarchy instead of an organizational hierarchy, she is still an example of legitimate  power in that she not only inherited the position of queen when her uncle died, she earned it by proving though young in age and small of stature, at 18 years old and 5′ tall, she was sage beyond her years and a petite powerhouse. From the very beginning, Victoria bucked convention, ruled by her own rules, and refused to be controlled. She terminated those who plotted to undermine her and survived numerous assassination attempts. Queen Victoria used her legitimate power to promote British expansion,  increase its political power, and to bring about social reform. In the end, Queen Victoria ruled for more than sixty-three years, until her death, having the longest reign until Queen Elizabeth II surpassed hers two years ago in 2015. A preview scene from the series demonstrates how the young queen understood her power was legitimate – both because of her position and also because she understood her responsibly. This Pink Collar queen was petite, legitimately powerful and rose to the challenge.

In addition to being Queen of England, Victoria was also a wife and mother of nine, which is yet another testament to her incredible capacity. As a mother, she was in a leadership position and possessed legitimate power with her children as well.

Like Queen Victoria, I am petite. I’m 5’1.  At almost 48 years old, I’m still told I look young. I have a small voice. Throughout my career, I have gotten leadership positions that came with legitimate power, yet there were saboteurs who didn’t think it was legitimate or earned. So being saboteurs, they tried to sabotage. What they didn’t count on is again, like Queen Victoria, I don’t suffer from imposter syndrome. I know who (and Whose) I am.

All Pink Collar Savvy & Chic women need to know this: If we didn’t cheat, lie or steal to be in the leadership position, the power is legitimate. The same is true in the hierarchal scheme of our positions in our families. We possess legitimate power in the home too. As Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose leaders and moms, how will we use it?

Simply Shabby Chic Crowns. The mannequin base was black but got a white refresh.


















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