Home as Her Haven

Home as Her Haven

Today, Day 18 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project, had moments that were  harrowing, but it turned out to be Happy in the end. As Pink Collar women who work in and/or outside the home, the day’s demands can wear and tear on us. It’s on these days that home beckons. As much as we may enjoy going out into the fray, and even feel compelled to do it, sometimes, because the world and the workplace in particular can be wacky, wonderful and a war zone all at once, there are times when we feel the need to beat a hasty, but seldom hasty enough, retreat back to home – our haven.

Home was calling my name today. On my long commute, rather than looking forward to my Zumba class like I usually do, all I looked forward to was hitting the sack. Most of the time, A power nap of twenty minutes or so is enough for me to catch my second wind. This evening I was so beat I feared if I went down it would be for the count. Knowing I needed the positive release of endorphins as much as I wanted to burn calories, I chose to take a peak at a design book I bought to inspire my blogging journey (I’d mention the name and share the link, but as I’ve mentioned, my tech skills are rudimentary and I simply don’t have the energy to wrestle with it tonight). Before I knew it, inspiration did strike, so I drew back my detested 80’s vertical blinds (a story for another blog), and took advantage of the natural light that spilled into the room by photographing my badly behaved diva, Ms. Skylar Belle. Sky Bells to my children. She’s lounging on the chair she sleeps in the majority of the time surrounded by a Simply Shabby Chic pillow, leather ottoman, lamp, and picture frame. (The Mother’s Day flowers are pink and white roses –  my favorites, and lilies).

Skylar – Pink Collar (literally but lost)  Savvy & Chic. At home in her haven.  The picture on the hearth is her on Christmas Day the day after she was rescued from the side of a highway.

Skylar is a Pink Collar Savvy & Chic inside and outside the home. From the time she came to use as a petite, probable runt of the litter, she’s had a mind of her own and is going to do whatever she sets her mind to. She is a calico, after all. That translates to most of her days being spent patrolling the cul-de-sac and the woods in back of our house keeping the other neighborhood cats, the occasional dog, and raccoons in line. That necessitates using her managerial muscle, all six pounds of it, to micromanage her subordinates. By the way – she’s not a transformational leader. Many a day she’s come home from her workplace battles bloodied and beaten. In fact, for the first four years or so she used much sick time in a cone healing from work related injuries. Even so, Skylar still feels it is her purpose to rule the neighborhood with an iron paw. But she’s a modern-day PCS&C woman and knows the value of work life balance and spending time at home. She greats each morning determined to go outside and do her duty and is equally bound to heed the beckoning call of home in the evenings.  Home is where she escapes the cares that press her all day.  It refreshes, reinvigorates, rejuvenates, relaxes, renews, restores and revitalizes her so she can be intentional, and strategic about getting back out there and living out her purpose in the workplace. In the world.

Those of us who long to be Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose would be wise to understand what Skylar does: Home is her haven.

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