Be Smart, Dress the Part

Be Smart, Dress the Part

Day 9 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project. I’m processing some changes that are rolling out at work, so rather than process via my electronic paper heart, I’ll share how I strive to be savvy, chic, and smart at work by dressing the part on business casual days. No matter your role, hopefully by applying a few simple art of dressing techniques, you’ll make your work wardrobe work smarter for you.

Me, The Pink Collar Coach, Dressing the Part – Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Business Casual.

Dress – Calvin Klein wrap dress. The cut of the dress is fun while remaining professional. This works for most figures because the long belt allows you to cinch and tie it wherever it sits best below the girls and at the waistline.

Camisole – Calvin Klein heather colored V-neck w/perforated trim. Regardless of whether you have a small chest, are well-endowed like me, or somewhere in-between, showing cleavage in the workplace is a no-no. Wearing a cami provides coverage where the V of the dress plunges. Remember, it doesn’t pay off to show off your assets at work!

Pantyhose- High waist control top hose may seem old-fashioned, but they create a smooth silhouette and help contain any extra tummy, muffin tops, extra junk in the trunk, bulges and dimples. I know – I have all that going on! The high waist keeps the hose from rolling down over the belly. Also, if you select the right color, they look natural.

Pumps – Calvin Klein perforated mid heel pumps in olive-y taupe. I bought them in black as well and recommend buying in multiple colors when possible whenever you find a great looking shoe. These are also comfortable.

Scarf – This infinity scarf pulls the look together and shows intentionality. It also conceals a barrel chest like mine. If that’s not an issue, it still makes the look cohesive. Mine is a little matchy-matchy, but that’s my OCD at work (More about that below). The scarf can also serve as a wrap and comes in handy if the office tends to be chilly.

Handbag – Calvin Klein metallic medium sized tote. The silver hardware on this bag tie in with the little bit of silver detail on the shoe and looks great with silver jewelry. My straight silver drop earrings are covered by my hair.

As you can see, I’m a Calvin Klein fan. It’s not so much about the name brand, it’s about the OCD I mentioned. I am self-diagnosed but fully believe I’d be clinically diagnosed if tested. I’m obsessed with things being cohesive and not only looking but feeling as though they belong together. Buying separates and accessories from the same designer or by the same brand name makes mixing and matching as easy as Garanimals (The 70’s children’s clothing line that ensured separates coordinated by matching animal with like animal to make a cohesive outfit) did. I LOVED those things! So much so that if my mother put me in an elephant top and a tiger bottom, I’d throw myself down on the floor and throw a tantrum. If that wasn’t OCD then, I’m pretty certain it’s evolved into a full blown case now. And I’m OK with that. If I have on a faux suede skirt, more than likely I’ll pair it with my faux suede pumps. Then things are as they should be in my wardrobe world.

Besides making matching a seamless process, I know that Calvin Klein fits me. Something about the way the clothing is cut suits me to a T. Literally. I’m a very petite, very curvy girl, so that’s saying a lot and makes CK my go-to. All that said, you may not be able to find or even want the CK brand of any of the items listed above. But I do suggest you pay attention to whatever designer or two, or three whose clothes fit you. Honing in on those will take the guesswork out of mixing and matching while minimizing those heart wrenching scenes in the dressing room where the look you love doesn’t fit.

As I mentioned in an early blog,  style is about owning your sense of style. If my tips help you to hone in on that, I’d feel fabulous about that. For me, dressing the part at work is an intentional choice. I want whatever I’m wearing to convey that I’m Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose. I give 100% at work and want my professional package – whether business casual or business attire-to work just as hard –and smart.





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