Photo Persistence Paid Off

Photo Persistence Paid Off

It’s Day 7 of the Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose Project and I feel great about following through with my plan to get assistance in order to be be able to post pictures on my blog. Turns out the issue was something that my Geek Squad hero, Jeremy, was able to rectify. Apparently, something on my Mac Air iCloud Photo Sharing wasn’t speaking to my iPhone. I’m not techy, but it suspected something was wrong because I’d been able to post a picture back in October when my hubby gave me the new laptop for Sweetest Day so I could blog. The fact that it took uber techy Jeremy quite a bit of time to get the two devices talking helped me to save face – a little. It wasn’t a quick undertaking, so as nice a Jeremy was, I took notes to avoid a return trip to Best Buy.  I told him he was my hero and had made my day. I’m pretty sure that made his.

Once home I  excited to try flying solo and thankfully was successful. Now that I’ve posted some old photos onto a few of the posts from this week, I hope you’ll go back and check out, Day 2’s Serene at Home, Day 4’s Sense of Style, and Day 5’s Being Balanced. You may enjoy. Someone did… I got my first like! Thank you for that! Figuring out the photos and getting a response from a reader made me feel awesome about being Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose this week and will keep me moving forward tomorrow – writing for and adding beauty to my blog.

My Shabby Chic Living Room – Needs white paint and fabric window treatments.


Besides figuring out the photos, I seriously contemplated tackling the stone wall and outdated vertical blinds. Hmm. More to come….

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