Serene at Home

Serene at Home

Day 2, Monday, May 1, 2017

Day Two of my Pink Collar Savvy & Chic Project, and though I’m feeling daunted by my work schedule, fitting blogging into my precious time at home and continued issues trying to paste images into my posts, I’ve received confirmation in various forms letting me know pursuing the goal of writing daily is worthwhile.

Home is my sanctuary and where I go to refuel so I can give back to my small corner of the universe. I can’t serve the women in my world, let alone my family, when I’m running on empty. One of the ways I feed my soul and spirit is by having daily quiet time. Be Still and Know (Broad Street Publishing, 2016), is a small pink leather bound devotional that packs huge impact in small daily doses. On Friday, the day I committed to blog beginning on Sunday, the title of the devotion was “Stay the Course”. It describes runners as having “honed the evasive skill of self-control” and “the ability to follow through with the plan”. It also speaks about motivation and stamina and saying yes every day to staying on the course.  Talk about confirmation! I wouldn’t call that God speaking to me in a still small voice but Him shouting out encouragement loud and clear!

I’d intended to post a photo of my sanctuary here today, and hope to have the pictures piece figured out soon, but in the meantime, I feel incredibly blessed to have a beautiful, comfortable, functional (Shabby Chic’s main tenets) home filled with love as a retreat. Being in my sanctuary tonight has reminded me to ask for the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, for the courage to change the things I can, and for the wisdom to know the difference.

I’m not be able to post the pictures I wanted to, and that’s ok. I”m learning to accept and not sweat the small stuff I can’t change.  And I’m going to change what I can by setting my pride aside to ask for help learning my computer and Word Press. The wisdom part – well, I wrestled with my laptop far less time than I did on Day One and then got on with blogging with a plan to hone my tech skills. So I’m thankful for knowing the difference only two days in. And for the ability to stay on course and to say yes every day to being Savvy & Chic on purpose.

   View of Shabby Chic Dining Room. Posted Day 7! Photo Persistance Paid Off! 


Dining room doubles as my office. Vintage table serves as desk. Simply Shabby Chic ruffled curtain as a tablecloth, SSC napkins and napkin holders, cloche with flowers, plate box, china shadow boxes, and gorgeous lace curtains.

Serenity and inspiration. 



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