Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose

Pink Collar Savvy & Chic on Purpose

My life purpose is to maximize my unique strengths to coach, encourage and inspire women.  Transition to transformation. Mess to sustained success.  My vision is that every woman touched by Pink Collar Savvy & Chic, the comprehensive agency I launched a few years ago, will be serene at home, smart at work, will own your sense of style, and live your best personal and professional life. As Pink Collar Savvy & Chic women you will be your best you.

By day, I’m the Director of Care Continuum at the Life Learning Center, a non profit social service agency in the Greater Cincinnati area that supports individuals seeking transformational permanent change. This takes place through a parallel continuum of education and care. I lead the team of Life Coaches and manage the holistic continuum of care service delivery. In addition, I blog about life coaching on our Living and Learning blog. My professional life is closely aligned with my purpose, and because my chosen career enables me to maximize my strengths, I’m blessed to feel as though I never have to work a day in my life. This hasn’t always been the case, so I’m thankful each day that I love my job. TGI every day.

By night, I used to work every aspect of what I describe as my “Pink Collar Portfolio” of coaching services, which includes life and leadership coaching, writing, training, speaking, singing, image and interior consulting. There was a time when I worked tirelessly to complete my first novel, produce a monthly magazine column, and speak and sing at women’s events. Even with all that, I  still managed to blog. My personal life was aligned with my purpose at that time. I was living it in every aspect, much of which was tied to writing.

Since 2013, however, when I went through a health transition that was truly a mess, then returned to graduate school to earn my Masters in Leadership and Coaching – a true success, though I commenced and landed the above dream job where I’m able to coach, write, train and still do public speaking in my professional life, somehow I haven’t been as intentional about pursuing my purpose and vision in my personal life.

In both of my roles, my vocation and avocation, much of what I do centers around purpose and vision. So it’s no wonder I’ve been feeling compelled to get back to my own. About six months ago, I felt led to resume blogging but my old Dell refurbished laptop was so slow I became frustrated and that stifled my motivation and creativity. My sweet, supportive husband  took me out and bestowed me with a Mac Air that is compatible with my iPhone as an early Christmas gift. I’d fallen in love with the beautiful photography used in my favorite blogs and wanted to incorporate photos of my Shabby Chic home, Maxxinista style, and the image and interior transformations of my consultation clients into my blogging. That said, I was accustomed to Word programs and had no idea how different Apple products are! Though I wrestled with the foreign programs and managed to start my Pink Collar Savvy & Chic blog, I only posted once.

Until today. Today I am determined to just write. And post. Content and photos. I have to. I can’t worry about it being perfect, it just needs to be purposeful. The writer who doesn’t write is no more. The blogger who worries that every word is the right one and that my novice photography skills are lacking is still rearing her ugly head, but I’m not going to let imposter syndrome prevent me from sharing how to create a serene sanctuary, or dress for success while being smart in the workplace.  And I’m not going to shrink back from sharing my faith, hope, and love with women who want to live life abundantly – personally and professionally. I will be savvy & chic on purpose.

That said, this first post won’t include photos because I’ve fought that battle and lost…but at least the words are getting posted. The first day of the rest of my intentionally purposeful life. Hope some of you Pink Collar ladies will join me…

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